Hi - I hope you're well.

This is just a quick note to let you know about an article in September's issue of Red magazine, which is on the shelves now.

Fiona Gibson, well-known author, was commissioned by Red to try out various coaching options and report her findings to the readers. Fiona tried Email Coaching with Joy Mitchell, a coaching CD from Michael Neal, and phone coaching with me.

Fiona has a light, entertaining writing style, and her article in Red is a great way for you to get an objective and insightful assessment of your coaching options.

As you're a subscriber to my list, I thought you might like to give it the once-over. Here's a fragrant nose-gay of her comments on our coaching together:

  • He ... suggests that I secretly enjoy "a self image of being hard at it", which is, embarrassingly, spot-on.
  • I end the call feeling that Chris and I may have a rapport.
  • I'm fired up for our final chat. I've dealt with numerous niggles..
  • Finally, Chris suggests I come up a strategy. It's a mind-boggling concept, as I tend to not think further than tea time. It's also motivating. In fact, I'm so excited I get up at 6am to start writing it.
  • [Of the method she tested, Fiona says...] Personally, though, if I wanted to make radical changes in my life, I'd work with a telephone coach.

I hope you can find time to take a peek!

Warm Wishes,
Chris Wesley


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