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Hi - as Crimble fever takes hold, perhaps a brief respite with more coaching treats would be in order.

New Video: Why I Won't Have Coaching!

Last time I announced a new survey (here) to collect your thoughts about you and coaching. Lots of your completed it - thanks - and the insights I gained were invaluable. I've made a 10-minute video summarising your views along with my responses here.

Christmas Ideas

As a reader of my newsletters, I'm assuming you're interested in coaching (excluding you lurking coaches out there - I know who you are :o), and so - as 2009 draws to a close and gift season arrives, why not combine those two ideas by asking someone dear, to buy you some coaching for Christmas? It's easy. Send them here - they'll fill in their email address, then, in WHAT FOR - enter "life coaching session for <your email address>". They'll go to the Google payment page and that's it. I'll send them an email confirming receipt of their payment, and you can contact me when you're ready to book your session(s).

If you'd like something with a smaller outlay, then you can probably find that perfect something in my online shop.

New Stuff in the BLOG

You can find my BLOG here. Recent entries include:

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Twitter & Facebook

My Twitter and Facebook tools are the best way to stay up to date with my new BLOG entries. They also add comment and more personal insights which are not available in other ways.

Google Wave _ Good news & Bad News

Last time I gave away 6 Google Wave invites, and the bad news is - they're all gone. But the good news is - I have 22 more! I have no idea why, "if ya got 'em - gift 'em", so if you want one please go here. But the other bad news is - please complete my "you and coaching" survey first. It'll take you no more than 2 minutes, and it'll help me with my marketing.

Enjoy Your Life. If I can help, let me know.


PS: Loads of great stuff on my website here!

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