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Hi - Happy New Year.

Do you do new year's resolutions? If so, then I hope they are solidly entrenched into your 2010 by now. If you don't do them - is it because you've lost all faith that they'll ever work?

One of the major barriers to personal change - to personal growth - is the impact of our experience on our enthusiasm.

If you've spent the last 8 years failing to find your life partner - isn't is reasonable to assume that it's not going to happen - or at least - that it's going to be horribly difficult? This is precisely why many people are skeptical about the idea that they can have the life they want, and they see those that say differently as opportunistic charlatans.

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£150 Course Give-Away

I have three courses, together worth £150, to give away. You can choose from Find your Life Purpose, Time Management and How to Find Love (click those links to read more about the courses). Each course comprises five modules containing theory for you to read, and practical exercises for you to complete. To enter the draw will take a few seconds in two steps:

1. Become a fan of my Facebook page here - just click BECOME A FAN near the top
2. Write on my facebook wall there, to let me know which course you'd like to win

Winners will be chosen at random on THIS FRIDAY. I'll let the winners know immediately, and I'll publish the winners in the next announcement.

Your Comments, Personalised

If you're one of the 150 or so people to write nice things about my services since I started collecting them, then your anonymised comments are probably on my testimonials page. I thought it would be nice to show my website guests a bit more about the people who write those, and so now we've made that possible. Now you can enhance your testimonial with your full name, occupation, photo, additional comments, and a link to your web presence (Facebook, etc.). To get started, just visit the testimonials page, find your comment, and click is this you? Fill in the form and you're done. Updates do not appear instantly - we verify them first.

Would you Buy a bound book of my Articles?

Books are still far more convenient than reading online. They're very portable, you don't need web access, you can read them in the tub, and in bright sunlight. You can wrap it up in pretty paper and give it to someone. As dead trees go, books rock. So I'm thinking of doing more with print media, and my first project will be to bind the large volume of self-help articles from my website into a book. So - why would you buy it, when it's free on the web? Well, I can think of two reasons: (1) It's a book, with all those benefits I mentioned, and (2) It's a way to say thank you for all my work. The book, properly bound, will run to about 100 pages, and will retail at £9.95. I'd like to get a feel for how large a print run to order first time round, so - if you would buy a copy - please reply to this email saying something like "I'd buy the book".

Ready for Your Coaching?

As always, it's easy and low-risk. It starts with a 20-minute friendly phone call - that'll set you back a tenner. Where it ends is, well - I don't know, but somewhere much nicer! If you're ready to book, please go here and if you're not, you could find this Reasons to Say NO to Coaching video interesting.

Enjoy Your Life. If I can help, let me know.


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