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Hello again - is your weather as glorious as mine is today? Warm, uplifting sunshine.

Anyway, I hope you're continuing to enjoy your Personal Power newsletters. Here's what's new in my neck of the woods.

Help for Depression

I wrote a BLOG entry for someone about depression which many of you may find helpful:

Hello D,

As children we are rewarded for good behaviour and punished for bad behaviour, as part of the "civilizing" process.

As a result, most of us grow up with the notion that good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people. But outside of the context of childhood upbringing, this simply isn't true. Wonderful people die young of horrible illnesses, and nasty people become rich and live long, powerful lives.

The reason I mention that you ask: "Why is my life so awful?". I guess you probably think "... because I don't deserve it - I've been a good person". I see this in almost every client I work with.

But the cold hard reality is rather different.

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Website Guide

One of the problems with my website is that it's huge and can be overwhelming and difficult to find your way around. So we've added a site guide. The idea is pretty simple but quite powerful; if we know why you're on the website, then we can direct you straight to what will interest you. So now there are four chunky links at the top of the home page:

Click to see the new guide

When you click one of those you go to the site guide. It's a split-screen. There is a small navigation area at the top, and a large display area at the bottom. You use the navigation area to refine your interests, or to review links to resources of interest. So, for example, if you clicked I Want Help with my Situation, the guide will ask you what your situation is. If you selected midlife crisis, then the guide will show you what I have on that topic. The guide has just been updated, and I'd welcome your views. Click the image above to check it out.

Book News

Thanks to those of you who have already bought my new book. We didn't quite anticipate the rush, and so I must apologise for the delay in sending out some of them, but as of now, every book ordered, has been dealt with and will arrive within the next five days.

My book is now available for sale on Amazon. For those who have read the book - or those who will do shortly, I would be grateful if you would consider reviewing the book at Amazon.

The book is now also available on kindle - Amazon's electronic book reader. You can buy the book for Kindle here.

We have now added Pay Pal as a payment option for the book. If you're an affiliate marketer and you can now sell the book via Clickbank.

If you haven't yet bought your copy of this book, you can buy yours here.

The Time of Your Life
Insights & Inspirations from Coaching practice

Hey Gorgeous

Another new product was added to the online store this week:

The Hey Gorgeous hypnotherapy recording takes a positive and gentle approach to helping you feel great about your body. By building self-confidence and self-esteem, leading hypnotherapist Georgia Foster helps you to feel good about your body and about yourself.

You'll be able to look in the mirror and smile at what you see.

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Hey Gorgeous
25 minute hypnotherapy session
MP3 Download

That's all for this week. Have a great weekend.

Enjoy Your Life. If I can help, let me know.


PS: Loads of great stuff on my website here

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