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Hello again - so - spring is sprung!

Right there is a source of happiness - free, healthy and with only one condition - you must open your mind to it. No matter what other crud is going on - the spring is no less sprung. I used to fight that one. I used to think you had to be some kind of insane to drink in the sun when your life was going down the tubes, but I eventually realised that that was simply a reasoning error. It's natural to be universally miserable when you have big hairy problems in your life - but it's not inevitable and in fact, it's not even smart. The smart (AKA selfish) thing is to be on the alert of happiness wherever you can find it, and to compartmentalise the crud, preventing it from polluting your entire life.

I've been gibbering like school kid over my allotment plans; planting seeds and thinking gleeful thoughts of the season to come. Anticipation is so delightful. What are you looking forward to? If the answer is nothing then why not fix that - and plant a little treat in your future? Could be a holiday in the Maldives, but it could also be an extravagant "prick and ping" from M&S for dinner tonight (see what a classy guy I really am). It's the old chestnut really - understand what's wrong, but don't dwell there - move past it - decide what you want to replace it with, then go out and make it happen. Take control. And relish it.

New Articles

Since last time I've written on a few topics which you can find in the BLOG. It's moved, by the way, so those with a feed set up will need to tweak it. Here are excerpts.

So You Think You're Awake?


One of the central themes in coaching people is to improve their perceptions of the world. We think we're awake, we think we have good eyesight and good hearing, and we're pretty smart, and we've been around a while, and - well - not much gets past us - we know how things are.

The trouble with that is it's baloney. It's compelling baloney, but no less italian sausage for that.

Our experiences generate beliefs, and beliefs predispose us to bend how we see things in order to support our beliefs. That bending includes over-generalisation, dichotomaic (black and white) thinking, awfulization, omission (we ignore the good to support the view that everything's bad) and more.



Good things happen when you protect your mind from the clutter which generally pollutes it. The problem is that most people never find out because - far from removing sources of mental clutter, we tend to take comfort in them.

Do you read the cereal packet at breakfast? You're injecting clutter. Do you leave the TV or radio on in the background when you're ironing, washing up, doing general tidying? Clutter. Do you read a book at lunch? Do you drive in silence - or to music? Do you leave a magazine ... in there? Clutter. Does silence make you nervous or somehow wrong? If there's nothing worth watching on the TV, do you turn it off - or switch to the least awful program?


Hell On Earth is ... Your Workplace?

There are so many ways to be miserable at work! (by the way - did you do my You at Work Survey yet?)

I'm working with a lady at the moment who has quite a set of issues, and I sent her an email response to give her something to think about until our next session. Many of her issues arise often with my clients, and the thinking fodder is the same, so I thought it might be useful to some of my readers to read it. I've changed the names and gained permission from my client to publish this email.


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Millionaires & Happiness

Well - opinions differ on whether the former can give you the latter. Somewhat audaciously, I have proposed that money can buy you happiness in my article here - in the sense that money is the power to acquire things in exchange for it. But not everything is available on that market.

Right now, I have two millionaires on my books. They're each working with me on finding different things, but the common theme is that what they each want - cannot be purchased. Money is really a "hygiene factor" - when it's on short supply, you're probably going to be miserable, but when it flows like water you're not guaranteed to be happy. So - to be happy - you need enough money - but you'll have to look elsewhere for the big stuff.

Of course, the big stuff is not just big on happy - it's big on challenge, often big on risk and big on fear. It's all a bit, well, BIG! But fear not - I have lots of ways we can tackle big stuff happily.

If you're ready to put something deliciously big in your life, then why not give me a call and we'll look into it together?



Enjoy Your Life. If I can help, let me know.


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