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Hi - Happy Monday. I hope you are looking forward to a great week ahead.

Since last time I've written on a few topics which you can find in the BLOGs and there are excerpts below. My Facebook page and Twitter followers, already know about these.

Kicking Off Corporate Coaching

One of my 2010 goals is to increase the proportion of corporate coaching I do. As part of that effort, I'll be writing more Working World newsletters for you, with lots of free content, but I'm interested in your ideas. So - straight off the bat - thinking about your life at work - what help would you like? Just reply to this email, and jot down your thoughts - I'd love to hear from you, and I promise you a personal reply. Here's what's already available and free at my website:


Sinking or Swimming at Work?


One of the most common things I hear from corporate clients is that they are swamped at work. The email never stops (and most of it's crud), the interruptions never cease, there are so many things wrong that everything's inefficient.

If this is you, you're in fire fighting mode. Low efficiency, high stress, high misery. And it's a trap because you're too busy fighting fires to install sprinklers. Chances are it bleeds out into your home life too - because you'll come home stressed miserable and exhausted with no energy to enjoy what little time you have.


How Are Your New Year Resolutions Shaping Up?

So, it's mid-April, and you're nearly a third of the way through 2010.

How are those 2010 new year resolutions going since you made them back in January? Is 2010 the year of change you wanted? Are you looking forward to the summer with a sleeker, sprightly body? Are the things you want beginning to show up, and the things you don't receding?

Permanent change in your life is easy when it's thrust upon you. Divorce, serious illness, redundancy, death - these things happen, and when they do - your life is permanently changed. Easy...


Life Coaches - This is For You!

Many life coaches and trainees read my newsletters, and this item is for them. Many of you have contacted me - looking for help in all aspects of becoming and remaining a successful life coach.

Until now I've been offering nothing beyond standard corporate coaching to these folks - and that works fine, but I can do better!

So today I'm announcing a new service guidance and support for new coaches through a closed group. Members of that group will receive highly-focussed guidance and support in all aspects of making coaching their vocation and livelihood. I'll help you in every relevant area, including:

      • training selection & consolidation
      • setting up your business (logistics, website, pricing, etc.)
      • growing your business whilst maintaining a happy lifestyle (marketing, networking, process engineering, support systems, time management, etc.)
      • applying and optimising the coaching process itself

This will be in the form of first class content - articles, videos, online seminars, consulting access to me and more. You'll also have access to an online community of new and budding coaches, and a leg-up at my website whereby you can ease yourself gradually into professional coaching via low-fee clients.

If you aspire to becoming a professional life coach - or you're there but only just, then I really don't know of a better way to become successful fast, than to work closely with someone's who has done it and with others who are actively making it happen. That is entirely what this group is all about.

So what next?

Well, two things.

1. Register your interest by replying to this email with "new coach support" on the top line. By all means give me any feedback you have underneath that, including what you'd be happy to pay monthly for group membership.

2. If you would like to receive £20 in membership benefits, then please also register your interest on my Facebook page as well. Join the page, and ask to join the new group on the wall.

My new book is here

If you're ready to put something deliciously big in your life - or you'd like to take something yucky out - then why not give me a call and we'll look at your options together?


PS: Loads of great stuff on my website here

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