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Hi - It's FRIDAY and - if you live in the UK - I hope you're looking forward to a special bank holiday weekend.

I've got that Friday Feeling myself so here's a little chuckle for ya' - nothing to do with coaching, but it appealed to my ... unconventional sense of humour:

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Trapping Yourself with Fear

Anna wrote to me this morning:

It makes a lot of sense when i read [your newsletters], but it also makes you feel that you have to rely on others to decide which road you take. as if you cannot or are unable to think for yourself, or maybe i am just used to doing things the hard way ;-)

This is quite a common concern...


Who Needs UGLY?

How do you see yourself? How do you imagine others see you? Are you happy when you think about that? If not, then you probably have a self-image issue.

It's possible that your appearance really is an issue, but it's far more likely that it's your feelings which are the issue causing the problems. And you can't fix those with a diet, surgery or grooming. Feelings are seldom entirely rational; they resist rational thinking. We have to use other techniques.

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How Do I Build my Self Confidence?

I wrote this answer to a Yahoo question from a young person suffering with low self confidence, and it was chosen as the Best Answer - so I thought some of my readers here might benefit from it too.

>>Read the Answer

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