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I hope you've found a way to enjoy the sun which, we're told and true to form, will disappear over the weekend. That's what my article is about below, and I hope you find it useful.

Four announcements first.

1. What's In A Name

Thanks to all those who replied to our "is anybody out there?" poll. Sorry about the name calling :o) The system was "upgraded", became self-aware - got overly creative, threw convention to the wind and decided it would choose you a new name. Fear not though - it's been whipped within an inch of its life and the importance of your sense of identity has been forcefully impressed upon it.

2. Coaching Clients Long-range Survey

All my coaching clients these days receive a survey shortly after they complete their coaching, so I can learn from their insights and feedback. But this is an invitation to those I've coached before to write to me again to give your feedback from further away. This longer-term perspective is very valuable because ultimately what I want is to provide life-changing coaching, and that's more easily assessed from further away. If you can spare me the time, you can just reply to this email with answers to the following:

a. When did you complete your coaching?
b. How many sessions did you have?
c. What was the coaching topic?
d. How did you assess your coaching short-term?
e. How do you assess your coaching from this more distant perspective?
f. What was the most useful thing your coaching gave you?
g. How could your coaching have been more effective?

If you prefer to give your feedback anonymously, you can do so here.

3. Coaching at Work

Increasingly, clients come to me for help with their work situation. The top three issues for individual contributors are these:

a. I hate my job, but I have no clue what I'd do instead, I'm not trained or too old, and anyway, I have huge financial commitments. Seems like I'm trapped until I die or retire.

b. I work far too hard; I work long hours, I bring work home, and I'm still not coping.

c. I'm not progressing - I'm paid too little, I get miserable pay raises, and everyone else seems to pass me by.

The top three issues for managers are these:

a. The organisation does not run well, but I can't make things change

b. I work far too hard; I work long hours, I bring work home, and I'm still not coping.

c. I have problem people and can't resolve the issues

If you're in here somewhere, I can almost certainly help you as I have done for so many others. See item 4 below, then why not risk a princely ten quid on an initial phone consultation. Unless you have another solid plan in progress, this is probably your best shot at a happier working life.

4. Testimonials

Well, as of this writing, there are 213 testimonials from satisfied customers online here. and I've had stopped adding the complimentary ones about my newsletters because there are so many of them (cough cough - my book is packed full of those juicy nuggets and costs from £7.50!). The testimonials system now allows testimonial writers to personalise their entry with details like their full name, occupation, web link and photo. Here's an example. We did that to re-enforce the fact that these are real people with real problems which to them seems as intractable as yours do to you.

My Facebook subscribers and Twitter followers already know about this stuff. You're welcome to join them.

Carpe Diem!

Recently, I've been doing a lot of "carping" (seizing) my "diems" (days) as the sunny weather has shown up for what might be a fleeting moment, and this has lead me to make new connections in my thinking and my philosophy of life.

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She Got Lonely

A bit of Friday Madness for you.

If you're going through relationship challenges, you might want to give this one a miss.

Humour is a great way of changing state fast and for the better. I drink it in on a regular basis.

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If you're FED UP and out of ideas or faith - why not give me a quick call?

Have a Fantastic Weelend!

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