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Part of the work I do for clients and prospective clients is done by email and I've decided to start sharing that work with my readers. Client confidentiality is protected and readers may benefit from the work, so everyone wins. I'm publishing these items on the blogs, and you can see pointers to them in these announcements. My Facebook subscribers and Twitter followers have long know about these new treats:

Ring Fence the Magic

Hello Iris,

You say you struggle to take consistent action to evolve your business. You're not alone. Running your own business can be very challenging in ways people don't understand until they try it. The reality of being your own boss is nothing like the dream. When you're self employed you have to constantly make things happen. It's hard enough keeping it turning over, but making it grow is even harder.

One idea I use a lot with my business clients is the concept of taking time out, from working IN your business to work ON your business. So rather than running on the treadmill, get off it - walk around it, oil it, and find a way to make it run slower.

>> If your tail is wagging you - chop it off

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

The answer is (all together now): One Bite At A Time!

But what's that got to do with anything? Well, sometimes people look at their lives and conclude that every aspect of it seems horrible. Being human, we tend to feel despondent and defeated, which of course, can make things worse.

So how do you set about changing that? Where do you start?

>> Making a start when it all seems hopeless

I Always Wanted to Be Someone...

Often when clients tell me the one thing they'd like to change - they say something like: I'd like to be living life to the full - entirely normal, but coaches know that it's not useful to formulate goals that way. I'm reminded of my favourite quote: I always wanted to be someone, but I should have been more specific. Also - there's: a plan without date is just a dream and: If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail

Same idea. Most of us have dreams which never materialise, and one big reason is our lack of specificity.

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Willpower is Doomed - but - Who Needs It?

Carrying some extra pounds has become the national hobby, and it's getting worse. It's not difficult to see why - sedentary lifestyles and cheaper convenience foods - but it's rather more difficult to solve it.

In a sense it's easy - eat less, eat better, exercise more - but of course, that's offensively simplistic, because finding the motivation to do those things for a sustained period - or permanently - can be very difficult - or even impossible.

>> A sneaky trick to foil your inner slob

Psychoanalysis, Hypnosis, NLP & Cliques at Work

Hello Jan,

To answer your questions, psychoanalysis is a kind of therapy associated with Freud, NLP is an umbrella term coined by Dr. Bandler for a set of ideas he developed on how minds work and some useful techniques emerge from that understanding, hypnosis is a way to help people to focus their minds and access more of them.

Different coaches use different techniques and any one coach may use different techniques for different clients and client issues.

>> Crushing the Mafia at Work

Why Can't I Coach Myself?

Your question is an interesting one. I invite you to look in at your life and ask if things are the way you want, and if not - why not?

The chances are that you struggle to stay focussed on any one issue long enough to make change happen, you're distracted, your motivation goes up and down, you fight off pessimism and fear, and you may simply not have the tools to understand some situations or to develop solutions. Those are crippling factors which I can help you with.


>> Stop telling yourself lies

God Save Us All From Corporate Jargon! [Personal Rant]

Crikey, I've been sitting here trying to re-write a job spec from Corporate Claptrap into English.

I'm alternating between trying hard to do it, and rebelling and throwing my toys out of the pram. Why do people find the need to hide meaning in pointless wording? Well, it's to try to look smart or to fit in, I guess and frankly - I despise it. Anyone playing this game does not have the confidence to speak clearly, and that's concerning.

Check this out:

Lead on development of Personalisation agenda within the above and ensure effective skill training programme introduced for all operational staff across services.

>> Pulleez! Stop this drivel and tawk proppah!

No Structure in a Small Office

Hello Yvonne,

So you work in a small office and it lacks structure. I imagine things are done inefficiently and imperfectly, and repeating mistakes just add to an already unmanageable workload. It's also likely that no-one seems to care nor want to make things better. Or perhaps they're all too busy to invest in those changes. People may even see your efforts to try to drive a stake into the ground and get a handle on making things better as busy-bodying interference.

>> How to kick ass when you have no boots


Hello Charmian,

So you're unhappy with your job in a call centre and the lifestyle it imposes. Work takes up nearly half our waking lives and so being in a job you aren't passionate about is a waste of life, and the bleed-over affects of being unhappy at work often pollute your personal life when you get home. But most jobs feel like a trap - you need the money, you don't know what else you'd do and perhaps there's fear of change - better the devil you know - in there, too.


>> See what Will Smith has to say about being realistic

Is it time to make things better?

Best Wishes,

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