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Hello I hope this finds you well.

I've been very busy lately, so I've had little time to write freebies, but I'm preparing two new reports which you may be interested in, and I'm using a technique which I often give to clients - perhaps you've heard of it before, it's called:


You can use if in all kinds of ways, so here's how it works. Often, we dream (or rant); we think a lot about what we could do, but we don't actually do it. Usually, that's about not knowing how to do it perfectly (aka "Analysis Paralysis"). There's also some good old-fashioned laziness in there, and a pinch of pessimism. Add a dollop of fear, and what do you have? NOTHING - You didn't ACT. You did what you always do, so you got what you always get - NOTHING. Don't feel bad - that's normal. But you can do better without the super hero gene.

An improvement is the Ready, Fire, Aim technique. What it does is to give you a chance to do half a job or less, to look into the future, to test the field, to see if - supposing you could find the willpower to do something well - would it be worth your while? It also allows you to gain insights into how to do it better, to increase the quality of the result, and it avoids lots of time wasted on doing something which you later find out was doomed from the beginning.

So basically, you put SOMETHING out there, (that's the FIRE part) and collect data from the field (that's the AIM). Below I'm collecting feedback in several ways on these two reports as they near completion; firstly I'm conducting web research to see how they attract traffic, and I'm also providing a form for people to tell me what they'd like to have it (and hopefully, to buy). That should mean I end up with a better product because my customers have told me what they want.

You can use the same technique in many areas of your life. I'd love to hear how you get on.

My Facebook subscribers and Twitter followers already know about these new items:


Parenting, is the process of guiding your little dumplings from their instinctive raw state through to happy successful adults. And whether you like it or not:

"Parenting" is all that you do
with your children around

Everything they see you do will help to shape their personality - not just those moments you choose to behave parenty. Rant at the telly or a bad driver, and you just taught your child something. Sulk with your partner and that's another lesson for your child. The way you stand, the way you comb your hair, or interact with shop assistants - are all master classes in adulthood for your child.

So - no pressure, then!

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The Reality of Becoming a Life Coach

Most people like the idea of helping others, and doing it for a living would be great. The prospect of being your own boss, working from home, and charging lots for your time seems even better. And you can qualify fast and easily. It sounds like a dream come true!

The many life coach training organisations springing up will tell you it's every bit as easy and wonderful as you imagine - once you qualify with them.


I don't train coaches, but I have been a professional life coach since 2004. I'm living the life daily. I've made my share of mistakes, had a few wake-up calls, and learned a lot. So I really know what it's like to be a coach, and my special report gives you that inside view from someone who knows, with no axe to grind.

>> Read What's In the Report, Tell me What to Add, and Register Your Interest

Is it time to make things better?

Best Wishes,

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