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Win 4 Free Coaching Sessions

We made a new video. It's an interview about my book.

Now then [looks left and right surreptitiously]...there's something odd about it.

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice informative video, and I'm hoping it'll sell a lot of books, but highly observant people will see something ... very unusual ... about it.

If you think you know what it is, or you'd like to know what it is, just write on my Facebook Page wall - with your theory or just to say you're entering the draw. I'll draw winners next Wednesday - one wins a free full session, three more win free initial sessions. You'll need to do it before the end of next Wednesday.

Another Triumph for Ready, Fire, Aim

Thanks so much for the excellent feedback which so many of you gave me about my proposed book. Sorry I will not have time to thank you all personally, but as a result of this, I've added far more than I had intended to do, and I've ended up with what I hope and believe is a fantastic resource for anyone on the path to becoming a coach - or thinking about it.

It's going to be a book, but I'm pre-releasing a PDF version. Why? Well, I was so impressed by how much you have improved on my original idea, and I want another crank of the handle before we go to print. Don't get me wrong, this report is as good as I can make it with what I currently know. But - because you're not me and there are more of you - you inevitably know more than I do - so with your further help it'll be even better. The PDF currently runs to 12,000 words or so. I've packed it with really good things, which trainee coaches or those considering it, or those who are newly-qualified, will want to know. Here's a flavour:

  • The agony and the ecstasy of being a real personal life coach, and how to get more of the latter and less of the former. Practical client management.
  • Checklist of suitability for being a successful life coach.
  • The reality of being a self-employed business owner, along with hard-won techniques for how to avoid the many pitfalls, and make it work happily
  • Transition strategies to help you go from where you are today, to being a successful coach, minimal risk
  • Ways to make coaching your living
  • What to look for in your coach training and how to get the most from the training you're committed to.
  • Illuminating anecdotes (anonymised, of course) from real-world coaching, and the lessons to learn from them
  • Strategy development, self-management and their role in steering you through treacherous waters
  • Finding clients - Marketing and Sales in all their forms
  • A long list of frequently-asked questions, along with my answers

Because this is a pre-release version, and because I'd like you to buy it and give me feedback (no obligation) instead of waiting for the final book, there's a price incentive. The book will retail at £14.99, but you can buy this PDF for only £7.50. If you'd like the honest inside scoop on becoming a life coach, then you can...

purchase your copy here

Technical Issues

Apologies to anyone who's seen the website behaving oddly or very slow; we've seen some problems and there's also evidence that a few or your emails may have not arrived. I think these issues are behind us now, but if you wrote to us and didn't get a reply, please write again and accept my apology for the inconvenience.

Is it time to make things better?

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