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The Sweet Little Lies Trap

Andy ... Sometimes, our semi-conscious minds tell us lies to support our egos. For example, if you have no social life, this semi-conscious mind of yours might tell you that that's because your home area is dominated by the "wrong class of people". That version of your world supports your ego by avoiding another explanation for the lack of a social life - that you're shy, or un-confident, and so on...

>> Find the Beauty in Facing Ugly Truths

Being OK with Being Alone

Personally, I love solitude and I've had a lot of it in my life. When I don't get enough of it, I become agitated, resentful, and I yearn for it. But many folks aren't that way; they don't like it. If this has been an issue for you, then let the healing begin with this wonderful video about learning to be OK with being alone, by filmmaker, Andrea Dorfman, and poet/singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis.

>> Immerse yourself in the wisdom and the poetry

Know Yourself - Online Quizzes

I Gussied (Guppied?) Up My BLOG

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Last Chance for your E-Version

This book will only be available in printed form very soon,
so if you want your E-version, now's the time.

It's 19,500 words, 65 pages of tell-it-like-it-is facts and insights on the reality of being a life coach and how to make it happen.

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I Have No Vision for my Future

Hi Will,

A good place to start is to think about your current reality and invert it. So - think about your life as it is today, and ask yourself what you don't like about it. Chances are you'll have a few items in that list, but let's work through one item. Let's say it's: "I have no social life". Now invert it to become: "I have a social life". Not quite rocket science yet, but we have just made a negative into a positive, and at least, it turns our attention from the problem to a goal. But the goal isn't well-defined, so the next step is to polish your goal. What kind of a social life do you want?

>> Get Up, & Get Serious About Getting Out

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