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Do you watch Master Chef? Sometimes, I think it takes itself a bit too seriously, and the makers of this spoof video agree. It's a great, un-complicated dose of Friday Fun for you. Chomp It Down here!

What challenges are you facing right now in your life at home or at work? If you let me know I can write content to help you and others like you for the next newsletter. Tell me here or in the new discussion forum.

Grand-dad tells his Grandson:
"I have two wild dogs who live in my heart. One is called Love.
The other is called Fear. They're always fighting."

"Which one wins?" asks the Grandson.

Grandfather answers, "The one I feed the most."

Ultimate Unwind CD

Had a tough day? Leave it all behind, find a quiet spot to lie down and tune in to this blissfully relaxing 25 minute hypnotherapy CD. Here, there's nothing for you to do, nothing to decide, and nothing to worry about. This is your space to just be.

You'll find yourself drifting into a state of deep relaxation, releasing any tension and worries and trusting more in the present moment. You'll gradually unwind, producing calm endorphins until relaxing becomes very natural and easy for you.

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Why Would You Lie to Yourself?

Hello Glyn, Your "no time" explanation is an example of a thing our minds do to us to trap us. We give ourselves reasons not to do a thing and thereby avoid doing it, which protects our ego from something (usually a fear - a False Expectation Appearing Real). But we often substitute a false reason for the real one in order to again, protect our ego. This process is not done consciously.

>> Spot When Your Own Mind is Being Tricky

Did You See My Testimonials Lately?

Satisfied clients continue to send me glowing feedback which we add to my testimonials page. Newer ones are at the bottom (unless they contain photos in which case, we bump them to the top. These are real people saying great things about my services. I hope they provide you with the confidence to come to me as your success coach.

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I Bored at Work?
How Can Coaching Help?

Hello Carrie, So you're a bored solicitor, looking for more interest at work. You say you're not sure how coaching could help, so I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to give you my thoughts on that. Even if you decide not to pursue this further, these ideas may help you to help yourself.

The first step is always to turn the problem statement into a goal statement - which you've done to some extent. So "I'm bored" becomes "I want a more interesting environment". The next step is to "polish" that goal. What would that more interesting environment look like? Go nuts - and don't be limited by any notions or "being realistic".

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Free Help In the Online Community

I've created an online discussion area to allow people to explore issues with me and with each other in the area of finding more happiness at work and at home - in any aspect of life.

Please feel free to add something of your own. Questions, doubts, feedback, life anecdotes, successes, failures - whatever you like. I hope we can grow a very pleasant and helpful place to find friends, insights, ideas and uplifting snippets.

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