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Well, this is probably the Christmas edition, so - Merry Christmas!

As well as the usual bunch of free insights and techniques, below, I've put together two heavily discounted Christmas presents for you to give. The first one combines my book with my CD for a great saving which makes the book virtually free, and the second gives heavy discounts on coaching vouchers for you to give to your friends and family.

1. Happiness Pack

My new book is a very powerful tool. but it's a really easy read. Short, punchy articles, each containing an insight or a technique to nudge your life upwards.

The CD contains two audio exercises which will give you a solid understanding of where you are in your life, and of where you want to go.

Together, they'll give anyone a huge boost towards a happier life. Their combined cost is £9.99 plus £17.50 plus postage on both, making £28.49. But if you buy them for both today, you can have them for just £19.50, and that includes UK postage - the book is virtually free!

Get Your Happy Packs


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The Time Of Your Life
140-page paperback

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GROW Yourself a Better Life
CD Audio Program

2.Gift Certificates

Give some life coaching. These certificates give more value than you pay for because - providing they're not for you, there are big discounts!

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Silence Your Inner Critic

Hello Ana,

So you want to stop criticising yourself, so you've recognised your "self talk" - what the voice in your head is saying. These voices are often our most severe critics, and they crush our self esteem, and trap us in small unhappy lives. I noticed your comment about not being able to afford coaching (there's a video about there here by the way), so I thought I'd outline some techniques you may find useful on your own. The process is usually the same for clients whose self-criticism is powerful, and here it is:

>> 5 Steps to Inner Peace

Low Confidence at Work - Online Forum

Hello Jill,

Without working with you to learn more about you and your situation, it's impossible to give specific advice but I have one idea for you which is universally applicable, though often not easily so.

It's human nature to dwell on the issue - to pick over the situation in our minds, and lament how bad it is, and how unhappy we are in it. Although this is natural, it isn't useful. So my suggestion is to, for a time, put your intellectual head on, and think about things in the new paradigm "I know I don't want this, but what DO I want - and what am I going to do to get it?".

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Facing Redundancy?

Hi Jane, and thanks for being the first to post here. Here are some thoughts.

Firstly, I love that you're planning to see it as a positive thing. It IS an opportunity, as all change is.

Usually, the money side of things is most important to understand because if you're terrified of re-possession, nothing else much matters. So I would look at your "burn rate" (required monthly spend) and your assets and see how long you have in limbo land before things get ugly.

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