from Chris Wesley

Excuses Can Be a Great Comfort

Well, January's done with and you're well and truly in the belly of your 2011. How does it feel? Are you feeling the buzz of change and growth towards your core happiness? Or does 2011 look like it's going to be more of the same or worse?

There's an ugly truth which most of us will not want to admit:

Whatever you're getting is caused by whatever you're doing.

If you can accept your responsibility in your fate, you're well on the way to making things better.

Why the balloons? Read on.

Your Incentive - £450 in Prizes!

Now I'm making it really easy to remove the number one reported obstacle to coaching - cost. You can have your coaching at half price - just £30 per session instead of £60. I AM asking for something in return for this. Like you, I have plans for my 2011, and one of them is to grow my business. So, if you've not already done so, I'd like you to join my Facebook page by clicking the LIKE button at the top of the page:


When you've done that you can write something on the wall to tell me that you want to enter the prize draw. For example "Prize draw please". On Friday of this week, I'll randomly choose TEN people from that wall to win a half-price coaching session. I'll post the winners to the forum. So, 3 minutes work for you gets you a £30 saving on some first class life coaching.

If you are not planning to enter the draw, please tell me why (reply to this email), and I'll enter your email in a second draw where you can also win one of another FIVE half-price sessions.

Existing clients - you can enter too!

So, now the most popular reason for not taking coaching is gone. Is it time to step up and try for change?

Warm Wishes,