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Is the recession hitting you hard - or largely passing you by? Are you full of anxiety about your future? Looking at redundancy? Standing on the edge of the financial abyss? I often help clients with issues like this, and now I'm offering to do that for you - free of charge. Post your issue or question on my Facebook discussion page (click the START A NEW TOPIC button) and I'll answer it there, with all the skills and experience I've gained over the years. If you don't like the answer come back for more. Let's rap!

If you prefer not to approach by Facebook, then send me email instead (reply to this). I'll anonymise your enquiry and post it on Facebook and then answer it there for you to read. I'm doing it this way to get the content online where I hope it will attract and then help visitors and hopefully, some will become new clients.

And in fact, it doesn't have to be about the recession - but anything at all! If demand is great, I may not be able to get around to everyone, but I'll do my best.

So - what can I help you with today?

Work/Life Balance

If you find the pressure of work is crushing your private life then you're not alone. Most of us find our work an unattractive prospect, and it doesn't stop when you come home. Stress, anger, armfuls of paperwork, phone calls, hours on the Blackberry - can all pollute your home, family and social life.

In this video from, Nigel Marsh shares some entertaining thoughts on the topic.

Has Your Get-Up-And-Go - Got Up & Gone?

"Hello Joanne

So you want to feel more motivated. When motivation is lacking it's particularly difficult, because you'll struggle to motivate yourself to fix it! The engine of change is the thing that's broken.

At it's core, low motivation is usually driven by a loss of confidence that you can control your life. Maybe you tried some stuff and not only did it not work, it also bit you in some way. A few of those is all it takes, and it's worse when low self-esteem is also an issue..."

>>FIND OUT: what causes it - and what can you do about it?

Fancy a Good Read?

See the new video introducing my self development book

The Dream, the reality, and some really great ideas

Dr. Steven Griggs on what you need to know about your self esteem

If he's having a midlife crisis, then so are you. This book can help you.

Dr. Griggs on how to improve your children's behaviour fast.

Prize Draw Winners

Congratulations go to Lisa, Michael, Colin, Rob, Kelly, Judy, Louise and Francois who each won a half-price coaching session and most have already been completed. Winners all appear on the Facebook wall.

I'm doing it again. Five new people can win a full coaching session for £30 (usually £60). To enter, just join the Facebook page by clicking the LIKE button at its top:


When you've done that, write "Prize draw please" on the wall.. On Friday of this week, I'll randomly choose five new people from that wall to win a half-price coaching session. If you want to try coaching but money is your obstacle - this is your chance.

Well, that's all this time around, folks. I hope you're finding these newsletters helpful, but I'd love to hear anything you have to say to me. Your feedback is always incredibly valuable to me.

Oh, and do enjoy the sun, if you have any, while it's there. Carpe Diem!

Best Wishes,


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