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It's been a while. So. Global recession, Middle Eastern instability and a class 7 nuclear incident. You OK?

That's one of the problems with news, of course. Awareness for its own sake is not always - and perhaps is not often - a good thing. I recall a while ago, Hugh Edwards reading the BBC news and saying "An update for you on that lorry crash in Yorkshire - the death toll has now risen to seven". Why do I need to know that? How should I use the information? Is it for my entertainment? Is it useful public information? A duty to know - or what? Ignorance may be bliss, but it seems "low" somehow. Having a world view seems like a good thing, but why do we think so? Intriguing stuff.

This brings me to my main thought for today - the role of choice as a route to happiness in our lives - a theme I've written about often. The most powerful insight I can give you about choice is that you always have one - even when you think you don't. It may not look like you expected it to, or like you wanted it to, but it will be a real choice worthy of finding and considering.

Example - it's 5am and you can't sleep through worry about money. Now, I grant you - you cannot simply command yourself to go to sleep, nor to stop worrying, nor to instantly fix your money problems. Those are the choices you wanted and lament not having. Their absence leads you to feel you have no choices - you're trapped in worrying about money at 5am and hating it.

But the real choices lay outside of our expectations..

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Moving on - I've put some online dialogue extracts below which you may find helpful reading. You can find the full texts via the links, and of course, you're welcome to post your own queries in the discussion forum where I'll answer them for you, free of charge.

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Stuck in a Massive Rut?

In my online discussions area, Claire wrote:

Hi there,

I feel like I’m stuck in a massive major rut at the moment and on and off I’ve been experiencing bouts of depression.

I’m unhappy in my job it’s not stimulating enough and the environment is wrong for me. I work in engineering and I am not the tiniest bit interested in this company or what it does...

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You Just Need to Pull Your Socks Up, Right?

Hello Dermot

I noticed your observation that "I could coach myself". This is a common thought, and although you may suspect my vested interest, I honesty think it's a mistaken one.

If you look back at the last 5 years, you might see yourself in the existence you're currently unhappy with, and if you do - you might ask yourself why you haven't coached yourself up until now.

Usually, we know that answer intellectually. "Well, I keep eating too much or drinking too much, or avoiding what I know needs to be done" and so on. So you just need to "pull your socks up", right?

Well, in theory, yes, but in practice - that's like saying "I just need to be a totally different person"...

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Praise Via Google

We only recently noticed that clients who purchased our products and services via Google have left feedback about what they bought via Google's own checkout system.

We've now added that to the testimonials system and you can read it here.

Juggling Your Time

In my online discussions area, 'A' Writes:

Here's my current situation and queries.

I am an experienced writer, but suffered redundancy last year from my main job as a careers advisor after nine years of service. I have a new part-time job, but I am currently also setting up a freelance writing business.

My main problem is trying to split my time equally between my paid job, the new business and looking after my home and three children as a single parent (oh, I sing in a band as well!).

I easily find myself running round like a headless chicken trying to do everything ...

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