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Hello you. How it is going?

Well, I'm busy, busy busy and you probably are, too so - starlight to it. Here's a wonderful fun injection for you. It's a YouTube video. Good - innit?

OK, there are some more free goodies below from my mail bag. Find the full articles and more at the BLOG.

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Tabloid Thinking & Dissolving Anger

Hello Jacqueline,

Anger is driven by two things: (a) a mis-match between what is and what ought to be, and (b) a sense of powerlessness to change it. Removing the anger can involve:

  • changing a perception about how things are
  • changing a belief about how things ought to be
  • increasing control
  • finding new coping tactics

- Sometimes it's a mixture of some or all of these.

It's important to try to tackle this because anger is corrosive. It generates chemicals inside the body which are harmful and it damages our experience of life and often, our relationships with others.

>> Here's how to take control of your anger

The Worry of Worry

Hello Debbie,

So you want to be more relaxed and worry less. Worry is a big source of misery in many people's lives and the causes and cures are varied. Start by getting your worry monsters out of the shadows and onto a well-lit table. When you're fully alert and feeling good, write them down in sentenced like "I am worried about money". Next express the worry in terms of consequences: "I am worried that my outgoings will exceed my income".

Finally, push these consequences through to their terrifying conclusion:

"I am worried that I will drift into debt"

.. so what?

"I'll default on the mortgage"
...so what?

"I'll become homeless and live in a puddle"
... so what?

"then I'll die.

>> Uplifting, huh? Here's what to do next, to remove your worry

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