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Hi - I hope this finds you well.

Free Coaching Ended

Reluctantly, I have discontinued my free initial coaching offering. So many people were wasting my time, by simply not showing up to their phone appointment, or by taking my time when they were not prospective clients, that I have axed it.

Now, an initial phone consultation will cost the princely sum of £1 - but there IS a catch. These calls are entirely without obligation - in fact I never even invite you to decide in the call - I just suggest you have a think about it and call me back if you decide to go ahead. HOWEVER - if you don't show up, or show up very late, or book a call when you don't qualify as a prospective client (meaning you can afford the fees, you understand it's phone coaching, and you are available to start soon if you decided to), then I'll sting you for £30. If that doesn't scare you off and you'd like to see if coaching can help you for £1 - then you can book here:

Losing You?

SPAM being what it is, many of us make disposable email accounts (like Hotmail). When they get too stunk up with daily offers of Viagra or Alaskan crab, we dump them. When you stop using these accounts, my newsletters get delivered but never read. Then, after a period of disuse, Hotmail (say) close the account; emails to it bounce, and my system deletes you. At any given time, up to half my newsletters are not read because they're going to abandoned accounts, and my subscription list loses hundreds of members each month due to the bouncing.

All of this means that, if you want my stuff until you decide to stop, then it's best to use a more permanent email account, OR provide a secondary means for my system to contact you, so that - if your email goes dead, it can still contact you. You can change the email address I use, or provide a secondary contact method on the subscriptions page:

I'm also diversifying into the so-called "Web 2.0" areas with new offerings and new ways to deliver them to you. More on that below.

I'm releasing more content on video, and you can find them all in one place on youtube here:

If you log in, then click the subscribe button (shown in pink above), you'll automatically be updated when I add more.


If watching me talk to my niece about her cake-making business is not your idea of a well-focused communication, then you'll understand why I've changed the way I communicate with coaching folks on Facebook. Over the next few weeks I'll be deleting my friends who signed on to hear about coaching things (let me know if you'd prefer to hang in). If you'd like to be kept up-to-date my coachy things via Facebook, please join my group here:

and become a "fan" (yuck) of my page here:

- you'll find some new videos there.

There's a reason why there are two different entities, which I won't bore you with - but signing up to both takes seconds, and it means you'll get all there is to get with zero effort in future.

Twitter Whitter

There's been a lot in the news about Twitter. So - I came, I saw, I signed up. I'll be using Twitter to send out micro-newsletters - one-liners that tell you what new offerings, new insights, links, and so on I have. I'll keep the mindless I've just washed the cooker and got some really stubborn crud off with a "greeny-bit" drivel out, and focus on things I think you'll find helpful. I really like this idea because it'll now be worth passing on valuable tid bits which don't warrant the effort of a full-scale newsletter article. So, if I finish with a client call, and have an insight I can pass on (maintaining client confidentiality, of course) - I'll tweet it!

If you want to follow me on Twitter, you'll need to be a member (join here) and then follow me here:

Oh, by the way - I've added code to the website to show my latest tweets. I have checked it out on three browsers on my PC and it works fine, but I'd welcome you trying it and letting me know of any issues you find. Any page on the website will do, but the home page is as good as any:

Hardship Scheme Re-opened

I come from a very poor childhood, and I don't want low income to be a show-stopper for people who can really benefit from coaching. That's why I designed my hardship scheme. Basically - you tell me a bit about why you can't afford the full fee and how much you can afford, and that's what you pay.

Places are limited and the scheme is currently closed, but I am about to re-open it, and I thought I'd give newsletter readers a head start. If you'd like to apply please reply to this email.

Please note though - you'll need good reasons why you won't be paying me what everyone else pays. Let me illustrate what I mean with some real-world examples:

  • One lady booked onto this scheme, and in our first cut-price session she let slip that she was leaving work for three months "to enjoy the summer". What?? Sorry, but if you can afford to stop work to enjoy the sun for three months, then you can afford full-fee coaching. I ended the session and removed her from the scheme. She never understood.
  • Another chap wanted to pay me a very low fee per session because he had no disposable income. But he had no disposable income - because he had a vast mortgage! Well, that's a choice he made, and I won't be the victim of it! I coach him for a pittance while he lives in a mansion? No - that's not what the scheme is about.
  • Another lady told me she was on income support but not looking for a job as she was using this time to set up a business, and would I coach her on that? NO! Living off the state while you set up your business is not something I support, and certainly not something I'll give you subsidised coaching for.

I hope you get the idea. The scheme is for those who have little money, and little choice in the matter. It's not for those who prefer to get something for nothing - because they can.


A few people have expressed frustration at not being able to un-subscribe from my newsletters. I've looked into this, and found a few reasons why people are disappointed. Here's what you need to know:

  • There is an un-subscribe link near the bottom of your newsletters. You should un-subscribe via that - not by emailing me with "un-subscribe".
  • Clicking that link is not the end of it. The page you arrive at allows you to change a variety of subscription options. You will need to enter your email address, and then set the frequency of each newsletter to OFF.
  • If you only set the first one to OFF, you'll still get these announcements
  • The system will send you an email to confirm you're the owner of the address. You'll need to receive it (which means you have not set you SPAM filter to delete or sideline it) and you'll need to click the confirming link. Then you're done.

Here's an un-subscribe link in case this one tipped you over the edge :o)


OK. That's it for now.

To your success.

Chris Wesley

PS: Loads of great stuff on my website here!