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Primark & The Price of Coaching

Price is a funny thing. Often we perceive asking price to be a measure of quality or value. If it's inexpensive - it's poor quality. If the going rate for laser eye surgery is £400 per eye, and you see someone offering it for £200, you might think "Hey, Great!" shortly followed by "Hang on a minute... why are they doing this?" Are they qualified? Are they dangerous or desperate? Why can't they command what others can? Will you trust your eyes to them?

And so the going rate remains the going rate. That doesn't happen for everything. Primark being a case in point. £3 shirt? Yes please! What's the worst that can happen? I'll take four, and those sunglasses, too.

But - with things where the stakes are a bit higher, lowering prices is more complicated. And I think coaching is seen in this light. That's not quite logical, because there aren't any real risks, but certainly, you want a competent coach, and a cheap one, it seems, is less likely to be as competent as a deliciously expensive one. Isn't he?

In my surveys and correspondence, people tell me the biggest obstacle to them having coaching is the price.

I've been playing with this for a while. Over the last few months I've written back to people who say price is the problem, and offered them the price they said they wanted to pay, and you know what? NOT ONE PERSON ACCEPTED THAT OFFER! I was charming, I promise! But - no one accepted.

Another thing I've been doing is offering half-price coaching as a prize in a prize draw. Few people enter, and not all the winners bother to claim their prize.

Hmmm. What's this all about? Well I think it's human nature to find respectable reasons to avoid scary things. It's far more OK to say "I can't afford coaching" than to say "I'm afraid of coaching [for some reason]". I see this in my practice a lot - clients say they'll start their new business when they've got some qualification or when they have bought that shiny new PC they're saving up for, or after Christmas or some Birthday when "things will be settled". But that's just the respectable label. What they're really doing is putting some comforting distance between themselves and something a little but scary. It's human nature.

Is it you?

If you're currently telling yourself that the price of coaching is what keeps you away, and that the reason you didn't enter the prize draws is because "I never win anything", then here's your chance, and your challenge. Eek! Click the magic button below, and pay for your first session at half price (£30) TODAY (July 1st, 2011), and you'll get all your coaching sessions this summer at half price. It's the same ole me - double-distinction, at-it-for-7-years, 2-books-author life coach, and I'll be working just as hard to help you find the success and happiness you're looking for. But you'll pay half price.

And I can promise you, your fears about coaching and what lies on the other side of it are almost certainly un-founded and irrational. It's just your ego trying to defend itself by keeping you where you are.

So. There is no prize draw you might not win, there is no catch, my money-back guarantee is still in place, and always will be. If you're ready for a change for the better, just click the button, and pay your £30. This is the big opportunity.

We'll be in touch to set up your first session.

Let me leave you with a testimonial which came in this week from a client I worked with:

.. in the hour ... with Chris I found he was able to capture succinctly the essence of what I was struggling to define in relation to my values, desires etc. He was able in minutes to reflect back to me a more accurate and focused picture of my values/goals/desires than I was able to see for myself. This was very impressive and very helpful.


>>>Plenty more like that here!

What About My Website?

It's time for me to refresh our main website, uklifecoaching.org, and I'd welcome your thoughts on how. Fairly consistent feedback already in includes:

1. WAY too busy visually
2. Too salesy
3. Far too much content
4. Dislike of all things which blink

So we'll be tackling those. But what else? I'd love to know what you think. Good and bad. How could the website serve you better? What is missing that you'd like to see? What confuses you or turns you off? What's your favourite colour :o)? Any and all comments are welcome. Just click reply to this email and have at it, or, if you would prefer, use the anonymous feedback form on the website.

I'd really appreciate your insights, and - as a thank you - why not click the magic button above and get yourself half-price coaching this summer?

>> The anonymous feedback form is here

OK, your feedback, as always, is encouraged and welcomed. Just hit reply - I'm listening.

Best Wishes,


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