Hiya. Well, it's Friday, so perhaps you have a few moments for leisure reading :o) SPAM ===== This newsletters is in plain text, with no pictures, bells or whistles because there's nothing for ISP SPAM filters to object to that way. Recently, they've gone nuts so it's increasingly hard to get newsletters through to the readers. So if you have not seen newsletters from me in a while, you can get them back like this: 1. Add news@uklifecoaching.org to your contacts list/address book. 2. Find our newsletters in your trash folder and mark them as NOT SPAM 3. When you view the newsletters, select ALWAYS DISPLAY IMAGES FROM THIS SENDER - together, these will tell your ISP to deliver our emails to you. If you are having problems you'd like help with, or if you just have a comment, please contact us by replying to this. We'll go back to snazzy announcements shortly. CHANGE4LIFE =========== In January 2009, in response to worrying changes in the UK's health patterns, the UK government has been running it's Change4Life campaign. It's message simple message: Eat Less, Move More, Live Longer - is punchy and to the point. The "Five-a-day" message is interesting in the way it has been enshrined in the national consciousness. There must be very few people who don't know what it means. We all accept that more fruit and vegetables is a good thing which will protect our health throughout our lives. "60 active minutes" is less well-known, but I'm sure it'll get there, too. Change4Life More Broadly In my life coaching practice, I see lots of folks who want to change things, and we do, and it's wonderful - but it's almost always long overdue. Usually, things have to get pretty bad - the pain has to be larger than the forces of resistance (pessimism and fear, mostly) before we take action, and it's usually in our late thirties or early forties when that tipping point arrives. What a waste of life-time! I would like to see a government campaign called Change4Happiness. It's strap line might be: Parent Well, Find your Hot Button, Press It! Let's look at each of those in detail... ... you can find the rest here (and it's a lot prettier than this!): http://www.uklifecoaching.org/change4life.htm?nav=a41 PAINTING THE SMELLY STUFF ======================== This is an anonymised extract from my dialgoue with an E-Coaching client: There's a nice analogy I think I can get away with with you, (it's a bit rude). Perhaps you've heard it before. We start life as a diamond. Shiny, new, open and entirely wonderful (children are these things). In our diamond years, we are punished by parents, teachers, other children and by our understanding of reality as seen through our child's eyes. We come to think of ourselves as turds. As we grow through those years, we become more guarded, more cautious, damaged, somewhat angry, bewildered and afraid. Emerging into adulthood, we bury those thoughts. We try to conform to a world in which everyone else looks fine, happy, settled and successful. In other words, we paint the turd. Welcome to being grown-up. You have already started to reverse this process. You have acknowledged that your world is not how you want it to be. You've stripped some paint off the do-do, exposing it to scrutiny. You have accepted that it's time to re-think, and you're working on it, and you've found some things you didn't know before. You're digging back through the smelly stuff to the diamond which is still inside. ... you can find the rest here: http://lifeblog.uklifecoaching.org/2011/06/painting-smelly-stuff.html?nav=a41 Have a fantastic weekend. If I can help you get more from your life, do get in touch: http://www.uklifecoaching.org/bookfreelifecoachingcall.htm?nav=a41 Take Care, Chris Un-subscribe here: http://www.uklifecoaching.org/subscribe2.php