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So many people said they didn't get this, that we've re-sent it to all. Apologies if this is your second copy.

Yeah - It Comes but Once a Year

Like it or loathe it, it's here again.

And by the way, if you do loathe it - do you know why?

With my Ebenezer Scrooge hat on (a tired dusty thing with drooping reindeer antlers in red double-knit nylon), I want to smash the sound systems pumping out Christmas "music to buy old tat by" ditties, and I want to burn down the Christmas Card industry wholesale, and fence back the mindless milling masses, and send the influx of cheap toiletries skyward with a baseball bat. Errm am I bothering you? I'll take this thing off now... itchy...

Heh. Yo ho ho. See that? Amazing.

Anyway, my point is - if you or someone close feels anything like that, can you find a way to ask "what's in this for me?" and make a positive change very soon?

Here's more on the What's in it for me? technique. MAybe send it to some one.. instead of the toiletries? OK I'm done.

Oh - and Happy Christmas!

Fishy Christmas Gift Ideas...

Considering the Christmas theme, here's an old chestnut for you.

If you want to feed someone for a day, you could buy them a fish, but if you want to feed them for a lifetime, then teach them how to fish.

Self-help gifts are like that, and I've collected a few ideas for you on Christmas Gifts.

BLOG Update

Here's an item which may help you. Subscribers to my Facebook Page will have seen these some time ago. You're welcome to join me.

How Can You Escape Jail when you don't know you're In one?

I have been corresponding with a client who is working to find her place in life. That is made far harder because there is a long history of influence from a very dominant person. Such influences make thing very difficult. Here's what I had to say:

Hi Jayne,

If you are now well away from that dominant personality, then you can begin to explore.

You'll need to keep a very close eye on your thoughts, especially your preferences. They'll seem yours, but they'll be a legacy of that dominant personality.

>> Read the rest here

I'm listening - tell me what you think!

Have a very Happy Christmas,


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