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Summer Special Offer

Last summer I ran a very special offer leading up to the Summer solstice. Half price coaching. HALF PRICE! I'm repeating that today. Any full coaching you book and pay for before the end of the summer solstice, you'll pay half price for. So - £30 a session, £110 for a pack of four. No catch. You still need to start by booking a £10 initial consultation, but you get the price of that back if you book your coaching the same day, and the coaching itself is half price. Up until midnight on June 21st.

These Announcements

If you joined my newsletter list since Christmas - when I last wrote - this is your first "announcement". These are updates I write manually from time to time about things I hope will interest you. Usually, that means insights from coaching practice, special offers or requests for your opinions.

Many people don't realise that the "ordinary newsletters" (there are 31 of them), though written by me, are sent out automatically by our database system, once a fortnight.

My Adventure

I've been busy with a new corporate client. We work in care homes nationally, training staff to cultivate happiness in residents - most of whom are old and frail and many who have dementia too.

How on Earth do you do that? Well, it turns out you help them to happiness in much the same way as you help anyone else to happiness. Though some things are not going to be possible, very many of them are.

At first I was trepidatious. My mum died a while back, but the memory of her frail frame towards her end is still powerful in my mind, and I wondered if working in the care homes would be grim for me. Well, I held onto my coach's take on fear - that it's False Expectations Appearing Real, and of course, it proved true in this case too.

There is sadness in these homes, but far more dominant is FUN. It's difficult to believe, but it's true! I could go on. A lot! But suffice it to say that this work has been enormously rewarding for me. For you - I wrote a BLOG article about the engine which drives this program - the work on human happiness from US academic psychologist Martin Seligman. See the leader "The Science of Human Happiness" below and click the link if you're interested.

What Else?

Despite this work, the BLOG's been quite busy - see below. And the website now supports payment for all products and services by Google Checkout (as always) but now Pay Pal and BACS too.

Oh and as an experiment, we've put ads on the site. How do you feel about that? I'd be interested in your views. You can click the link at the top of this email to check them out.

So here come da blogs, and then a goodbye from me that the end of this email. Subscribers to my Facebook Page will have seen these some time ago. You're welcome to join me.

Get a Life!

Hi Peter. So most of all, you want to "get a life".

The first thing I suggest in these cases is to get specific.

What would "a life" (one you'd like to live) look like? As long as it's a fuzzy dream, it stays a dream. Getting specific brings it into the realms of the possible. Of course, that then means doing stuff to make it happen - ewww - work! And more than that - work that makes you go "eek".

>> You may know it, but have you done it? (read more)

Stop Making Things Worse

I've been thinking about resignation.

Not resigning, but being resigned. Some clients have situations which simply cannot be fixed or escaped and then it's a different game:

If you can't get what'll make you happy,
then perhaps
you can get happy with what you've got.

Or at least try to get OK with it.

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The Science of Human Happiness

Martin Seligman is an American psychologist who has spent much of his career looking at human happiness, and here's your nutshell taster of his latest and greatest version.

It's a simplification, but it's good enough for a taster.

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Blocked by Perfectionism?

I am blocked by a long standing belief that if I can't be the best, then what's the point in trying hard for pretty good. I can see this is a daft thing to believe but can't seem to dig deep enough to pull it out by the roots.

Hello Frances,
The problem you describe is one I can identify with personally.

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Wishing Your Life Away?

Hello Melanie,

I noticed your comment about wishing your life away and enjoying it instead. That's a lovely wish and I help lots of people like you in this way.

I can give you some pointers, but experience has taught me that people find this work almost impossible to do on their own. There's an article explaining why that is, here - but in summary, we can't see our own lives clearly because we're too close to them, and too emotionally tied up in them.

>>But here are some helpful tips

I'm always interested in you, your life, and what you think of my newsletters and my efforts online. You can drop me a line by replying to this email, or online here.

Warm Wishes to you :firstname: - enjoy the warm weather!


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