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:firstname: How are you? Well, I hope.

Well, it's August and I've come over all 53. Years of age, that is. My oh my. "When numbers get serious" as Paul Simon said.

Pah! (that's a technical term).

Human minds are crazy aren't they? All that time. All those conscious hours. All those events locked in my head. I remember Graham Clark spitting in my eye when I was about seven. He was my best mate, and I never did understand why he did it. I've no idea why that popped up, but there it is for you to read. What can I say, I'm a generous guy :o) Oh, Graham - if you're out there - contact me and explain yourself, you b@t*rd!

But seriously, things do stick, and they do have an impact. They shape us in ways we don't understand and after all this time as a coach, I believe it all comes down to recognising that, and then repairing the damage, so we can reach our potential. That's what coaching does. Loads of free resources here.

OK, so what's been happening at Camp Wesley? (That has an unfortunate ring to it).

Training Happiness Bringers

Last time I mentioned I'd been training key staff in care homes in the business of bringing happiness to older folks. The company I work for in this capacity, a registered charity, is called Ladder to the Moon and if you click that link you'll see the team of lovely people I work with - actors coaches and support staff. Poke around a bit and you'll find some video footage of exactly what we're doing. It's amazing and uplifting stuff. If you're feeling low, this will help you in two ways, so I highly recommend it.

Sticky Brains & Progress

I'm often going on about sticky brains and the things I call "norms". They are the things we accept not only as normal but as valuable and somehow preferred - if not required - simply because they are there. We think that - because things are the way they are, they're somehow meant to be that way and that we should accept and respect them. We may even have something to fear if we change them. Making life changes is made more difficult, of course, because of our stickiness.

I remember when I first heard about the TV remote control. What a ridiculous idea, I thought! The knob's right there on the TV less that 6 feet away (I lived smaller in those days, and TVs had knobs you could see!).

I remember when mobile phones came out. Now there's another stupid idea - err - phone boxes? durrrr! OK, I'm not quite that dumb, but I'm on a roll here.

Then my first Internet business. I wanted to know if you could sell fabric online. My brother said "no-one will ever buy anything online" - no really! Alan is very wise. I love to rib him about that one. Sister said "no never, you need to feel the fabric". The newsgroups (remember those?) I consulted said the same thing. I did it anyway, and for a while is was the biggest of its kind in the world. It's still around today here though I'm not involved any more.

And that was while the web was mostly porn. Another "fact of life" which has long-since bitten the dust, though many a sticky brain will still be in denial.

What changes are you currently resisting? What curls your upper lip? If you look at it dispassionately, you may find you can open the door to a new way to live and to be, and chances are you'll be better off for it.

Which all brings me to Facebook. "It's for kids and idiots", right? Well, the demographic is shifting towards older grown-ups and it's changing at a lightning pace. It's so good at doing what it does. And what it does is to connect people who would struggle to connect so richly in any other way. I've been on Facebook for a couple of years, I think, but as new features become available, we're moving more stuff on to it.

I've recently set up pages for more tightly focused topics. They will allow me to talk to people specifically and only about what interests them. They get more of what they want and none of what they don't. They're in complete control, and Facebook provides a socially rich canvas for it all to happen.

How else could I reach 1.6 million people - as I did last week! (see my page to see how I did it).

Is it time to see what I'm up to there? You can check out my main page here. If you' want to be kept up to date on all that happens there, click the LIKE button. I have just set up new pages to help with midlife crisis, stress and anxiety, happiness and becoming a life coach. More will follow. Let me know if you want a specific one making - just reply to this email. It's all about focus. Show me your nail, and I'll hammer it for you!

There isn't much on any of those page at the moment, but - in accordance with one of my favourite procrastination avoidance techniques, called "Ready, Fire, Aim", I'll focus on the ones with audiences, so - click LIKE and I'll get cracking for you.

So - Facebook me. baby!


Only one this month. For the rest of August a coaching 4-pack is £199 instead of £220. Your starting point is an initial consultation - book here.

I'm always interested in you, your life, and what you think of my newsletters and my efforts online. You can drop me a line by replying to this email, or online here.

Warm Wishes to you :firstname:


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