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Hi :firstname: - now this is exciting!

You want great new things in your life (and maybe to get rid of some less-than-great old things) but you're not ready or able to spend £60 a pop on personal life coaching, right? Then this is a fantastic recession-busting alternative for you!

Coaching, for around £12, from your own home, in a fun group. What's not to like?

Success Circles are a great way to receive many of the benefits of personal life coaching, as well as some other benefits - and it's much cheaper.

It's also a fantastic way to lift yourself instantly into a new world of people like you, committed to their dreams and ambitions.

Each week, a few people meet for an hour or so. We each work on a personal project - which might be virtually anything you want in your life. I'll group people with compatible projects where possible.

We share our goals and what we're doing towards reaching them.

We're better together

We use the Life Coaching process in the group setting to focus and refine goals, to maintain focus, build energy and self-esteem, and to encourage progress.

Sessions give an opportunity for each member to update us on progress; to tell us what's good, what needs work, and how they feel about it. Other members offer practical and emotional support and guidance.

I may present on an insight, or a life skill, or lead discussions - it depends on where we are, and where we want to go. We learn from each other, and we grow with each other. We also have a great time! It's a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

It's a different experience, and there are pros and cons. Some coaching topics may not be things you want to share with others, and you won't get as much personal focus from me. But you get the additional benefits of being in a team, and you gain a valuable new perspective as you look into the lives of others and see their struggles and how they respond to, and overcome them. This outside/inside perspective alone is fantastically valuable in un-seating pessimism and negativity. Additional, personal coaching may be a supporting option you'd like to pursue outside the club meetings.

The Program

Circles will run for four weeks. The overall thrust of the program is to progress all circle members along this path:

  • Assessing your life as you live it today
  • Choosing primary improvement opportunities
  • Defining goals for those opportunities
  • Finding strategies to accomplish those goals
  • Implementing those strategies
  • Dealing with the inevitable pitfalls and emotional issues arising
  • Maintaining focus and drive
  • Achieving Success

Before each circle meeting, I'll send you some study notes, and you'll complete the homework you chose last time. During the circle, we'll share experiences and resolve issues. You'll also decide what you're going to aim for next time. The sessions will be friendly, fun and relaxed. this is NOT a back to school exercise; if you mess up massively, no-one is going to tell you off. You'll be among positive friends who are there with sympathy and creative options for you to consider.

Circle sessions run for about an hour, will include up to ten circle members. Price depends on the number in the group, but will be in the region of £12 a session.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of issues can I work on? Almost anything you'd feel comfortable talking about in the group. From low self esteem, to writing a book, to fixing your marriage, or getting promoted. Anything that's to do with making your life happier. The exceptions are if you are suicidal, or you're suffering from a clinically-diagnosed mental illness.
  • What about confidentiality? People will know your first name. If we video conference, and you choose to show your face, they'll also know what you look like. Anything else is up to you.
  • What if I want to drop out? Well, then you will. No penalties. You pay for each session before it happens, and that is the only commitment you need to make.
  • What if I fall behind the group? I can give you a little support to bring you back into line, or you might want to buy more support from me.
  • I'm shy, I can't stand up in front of people! You won't need to. You'll be sitting in familiar surroundings and talking on the phone or via your computer. There will be no set-piece presentations, it'll all be informal chat among increasingly friendly people. Anyway I'll always be there to step in and help if I'm needed.
  • Can I get to know circle members outside the meetings? By mutual consent, yes.
  • Can anyone join? You must be over 25 and not suffering from those exceptions mentioned in the first bullet.

How Do We Connect?

There are two options, and each circle will be exclusively one or the other:


You call a normal-rate phone number from wherever you are - at work, from home, or somewhere else. Mobiles are fine. You'll join a conference call in which all callers can hear each other.

You'll use an ordinary web browser to view a special website where I can show you presentations.


You use free, easy-to-use, conferencing software - generally Skype or Google+ hangout (click a link to see a video) and your broadband-connected PC at home or at work, or your tablet, iPhone or Smart phone, to join our circles.

You'll need speakers and a microphone
- or a headset (cost about £12).

As well as voice & text chat, we have the option of web cams and other facilities like white boarding & multi-media items, including online videos, and power point presentations. It's like being there.

We'll help you to set up your system if you like.

Here's a video showing how Google+ Hangouts work. Skype is very similar.

Your Success Circle will be closed - people won't "just drop in".
If you prefer not to use a camera - that's OK.

Click here to see this online,
scroll down to the booking form
& send it to me

Then wait for
wonderful things ...

You know you want to.
If not now, then when?

Please note - wave one - the first set of circles - will close for registration this Sunday 19th August at midnight, so please register before then if you want to take part.

I'm always interested in you, your life, and what you think of my newsletters and my efforts online. You can drop me a line by replying to this email, or online here.

Take Care of Yourself, :firstname:


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