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Hi - a few brief items for you.

Micro-News via Twitter

I'm now routinely publishing news about my services and inspirational snippets via Twitter, so Twitter-folk find out sooner, and in fact, already know everything in this announcement. So - if you're a Twitter-user, this might be a benefit to you. Join me on Twitter here:

New Coaching Focus Packages

I've just launched the first three in a series of highly-focused coaching offerings. The coaching offered is focused tightly on particular needs in particular circumstances.

Your Empty Nest

Some powerful exercises are completed and analysed prior to a 45-minute phone coaching session. This program will set you well along the path to realising a wonderful new life after full time parenting. Click the image to learn more.

Adult Education

Entering to adult education can be a terrifying prospect for many. This focus-coaching package will overcome your fears and put you on the path to new learning and personal growth. Click the image to learn more.

I Want That Job!

A highly focused coaching and mentoring session, along with supporting materials, to give you the skills and practice you need to win your dream job. Click the image to learn more.

Perhaps you, or someone you know could use of one of these packages. You're welcome to forward this to friends or colleagues. OR - if you'd like to see a package which I don't currently offer - please let me know.

Google Checkout

As you'll see is you click on any of those through to the website, I'm now using Google checkout for online product payments. Do you have an opinion on that? Is it more or less convenient for you? Are you more or less likely to use purchase through it? If anyone has opinions on that, I'm always interested to hear your views - just click REPLY to this email to send it to me.


OK. That's it for now.

To your success.

Chris Wesley

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