A Better Life For You?

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Hi :firstname: - how's it going? Well, I hope. Here's some new stuff I hope you can use to make your life even better.

£70 for Your Thoughts?!

I really value your feedback on my new video "The Essence of Life Coaching in 45 Seconds" and I'm prepared to pay for them.

Every Single non-trivial comment offering improvement ideas, made before the end of Sunday wins a copy of my life coaching book in PDF format, currently selling online for £7.50. And the comment which I consider most valuable wins an initial coaching consultation and a full free session too - currently worth £70!

I'll contact all winners via Facebook to arrange delivery of your rewards.

So click the link below to view the video, and leave your thoughts in the comments box provided. There's some guidance on the page, but basically any or your thoughts are welcome.

>> See the video & comment to win up to £70!

It gets clearer

The You Inside You

All You Need is a New Car, Right?

I've never driven a Peugeot car, and I'm indifferent to the prospect, but their new ad for the 208 is intriguing from a life coaching perspective.

Have a look at the ad

Do you see what I mean?

You've done it now!

It speaks of the "you inside you". Of the person you could be - should be - if you weren't so .... inhibited. It's like you sit there in the passenger seat of your life, watching the buffoon who's driving. They're doing what they always do; getting what they always get (and sharing it with you - whether you like it or not). You might give them the odd whisper of driving advice now and then - or even a frequent scream - WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THAT?? But they're not listening. And the years roll by.

>> Learn my sneaky technique for changing yourself - despite yourself

Life Coaching's for Wimps

One of the dominant reasons why people resist life coaching is the feeling that it represents some kind of personal failure. Thoughts like: "I should be able to do it myself!" or "coaching is like counseling for the needy" - abound. (Lots I could say about the second one especially).

Well, the truth is that the VAST MAJORITY OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE in many walks of life hire coaches to get there, or to stay there, or to cope there.

Here's a short video form one of the world's most powerful men.

>> See what he has to say about coaching

Who's he?

London Face-to-face Coaching

I'm opening new slots for life coaching in London.

If you live in London and are interested in being coached face-to-face, please check out my service page. If that all sounds OK, please follow the guidance on that page.

>> Read about face-to-face coaching in London here

Coaching up there??

Sharper Focus

To speak more directly to people about only what interests them, I've made several new Facebook pages which may interest you. If you "like" a page, it means you'll get things from me as soon as I make them (the item above, for example, was made 10 days before this newsletter). As well as that, there are opportunities to interact. Some of these pages are brand new and currently empty, but if you join anyway, I'll tend to focus my efforts on where the people are, so it won't be quiet for very long. Here are the focus areas.

Show me your nail & I'll hammer it for you

  • UK Life Coaching My main life coaching page and an umbrella for all things coachy.
  • Stress & Anxiety If you suffer from these, this page will offer top-notch help.
  • Becoming a Life Coach Is it for you? How do you get started? How to make it work.
  • Finding your Life Purpose Why are you here? Where are you going? Are you where you should be?
  • Midlife Crisis Got to a certain age and lost all sense of place and meaning? Scary.
  • Be Happy What does it take to live a good day? A good life? "Happy" is the ultimate goal.
  • Remember This? A bit of fun, really. Reminiscences for those over forty.
  • If you'd like to see a focus page that isn't here, please let me know. Just reply to this email.
That's it for September, and, I guess, for summer. I hope you enjoyed it.

I'm always interested in you, your life, and what you think of my newsletters and my efforts online. You can drop me a line by replying to this email, or online here.

Warm Wishes to you :firstname: - PS: £70?! Comments please!


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