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Ever wanted to be an author? Most people do. The only problem is, they don't want to actually sit down and write books. It's generally BORING! Hmmm.

Like most people, I struggle with motivation from time to time. But whilst I may accept that part of who I am, I have learned that I don't have to accept the consequences of who I am. In this case, I used a technique which allowed me to be weakly motivated but still climb the mountain.

I published my third book this month. Twenty threre and a half thousand words.

In this case, the technique was something I call "emergency mode". I use it to get things done which I really don't want to do - like writing this new book. In emergency mode, I content myself with small but guaranteed regular progress toward some goal. In this case, thirty minutes or 200 words a day.

The trick is to find something so small that even you can't be so idle as to not do it. Thirty minutes, right? So I surrendered to it. It would be over soon enough, and sometimes it was. "Sod it - that's my 200 words done for today". But often I'd crack on a lot further becaue - "hey, this isn't so bad". So either way, the bottom line commitment was always met, and quite often, much more was accomplished.

That guaranteed movement is the key, and now the book is done, and it's been selling, and it will continue to sell.

It's not rocket science, is it? There's no mystery. It leverages who we really are, to get things done. And it works.

You can apply this technique in your own life. Ask yourself what you want to get done but persistently never do. Now ask what a really trifling contribnution to that goal might be. Choose one so small that even YOU would pay it - on a regular basis. DO NOT BE AMBITIOUS - BE VERY PESSIMISTIC - because this one has to stick when you really REALLY don't want to do it.

Now do it like you said you would - or be branded a scoundrel forever more! Pretty soon you'll be looking down at the rest of us from the top of your own mountain.

OK my work here is done...

Did I ... mention my New Book?

This book has been a long time coming. It's one where I used the "READY, FIRE, AIM" technique (read that twice!).

So if you think a book might sell well, rather than writing it then discovering nobody wants it - you propose to write it and invite people to tell you what should be in it for them to buy it.

I got loads of feedback and every one of those ideas is in this book. It's written for the audience that exists - not for the one I imagined might exist.

Is your boss difficult?

Although I struggled with motivation in the middle, that was not about lack of interest in the topic - it was about other things. This book touches something I feel very passionately about - treating people with respect sand decency at work.

In fact, this book will be of use not just to those of you whose boss is a liar, but to anyone who feels manipulated or powerless at the hands of another. If you're the subject of passive aggression, a spoilt partner, or office gossip - or if you struggle with being assertive - then this book is for you.

As always, my books are focussed on things that work for real people in the real world. They're no longer than they need to be, and they're easy to read and to absorb.

So - have a look - see if it's worth your investment! If you use this link, you'll get the special price of £2.50 instead of £8.75. Do I look after you or what?

Don't be Shy

How does this sound? You pay me £12 for an hour or so of focussed help with something that you want help with. We'll meet in your home with a few other people interested in the same thing.

This is what my online seminars are. You don't have to put your camera on. You can even use your phoine if you prefer.

Just let me know what topics you're interested in and we'll be in touch. Or - if you're not planning to do that - I'd love to know what's on your mind - just reply to this email to contact me.

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