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Hi :firstname: - did you hear this one before?

Live each day as though it was your last

Sounds great doesn't it - sort of. Treasure each moment because you really don't know how many more you'll have. Stop with the entitlement mentality, and make the very best of what you have.

In that way, it makes sense - but literally? It's nonsense.

If it really was my last day, I might well spend it drunk! Better not do that every day.

There are plenty of these happy clappy, trite coaching phrases being pushed around but usually they're not very helpful as real-world advice. And that's the only kind I'm really interested in; what works for real people, struggling to make sense of it all, and to make their lives better.

On which topic, did you have any luck with the "emergency mode" mountain climbing I mentioned last time? I'd love to know - I'm not just saying that!

Did you try it and fail? Did you read it and think "tosh!"? Did you resolve to try it, then forget? Are you an armchair self-improver - reading everything and doing nothing? Are you feeling defeated or bewildered? Whatever your situation I can probably help you, and for nothing.

So why not post a comment on my Facebook Page and I'll chip in with anything helpful I can think of. If privacy is an issue, it could always be a friend of yours with the issue.

The TRAP is "yeah, but it won't work so why bother?"

The TRUTH is - if you don't try, you simply can't know

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Win a £60 free Coaching Session

There are quite a few free online surveys at my website, and you generally get a helpful report based on your answers. But one of them now offers a free phone or Skype coaching session. It's called Life Coaching and You and it doesn't send you a free report - it's mostly research, allowing me to understand potential clients better - that's why the prize is there.

So, if you're willing to spent a few minutes to complete it, you could win a free session worth £60. Find the survey here.

And I'll sweeten the deal event more, now. Just for readers of this newsletter, I'll give you £5 credit towards the purchase of any information product which I authored - just for submitting a completed survey form.

So you could have my Time Of Your Life book for £2.50 instead of £7.50, or you could have my Becoming a Life Coach book for £9.99 instead of £14.99, or my When Your Boss Lies book for £3.75 instead of £8.75 etc. The others are all here. When we receive your survey we'll tell you how to get your book at the special price.

Not bad for a few minutes armchair surveying.

Join my Facebook Focus Pages

Here's a reminder of some of the Facebook pages available for you to sign up to. It's a great way to give you more of exactly what you want - and none of what you don't want.

  • UK Life Coaching My main life coaching page and an umbrella for all things coachy.
  • Stress & Anxiety If you suffer from these, this page will offer top-notch help.
  • Becoming a Life Coach Is it for you? How do you get started? How to make it work.
  • Finding your Life Purpose Why are you here? Where are you going? Are you where you should be?
  • Midlife Crisis Got to a certain age and lost all sense of place and meaning? Scary.
  • Be Happy What does it take to live a good day? A good life? "Happy" is the ultimate goal.
  • My Boss Lies The question is - what are you going to do about it?
  • Remember This? A bit of fun, really. Reminiscences for those over forty.
  • If you'd like to see a focus page that isn't here, please let me know. Just reply to this email.

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What do you really want :firstname:?

Any time someone makes a big positive change in their lives, they do a very interesting thing:

They set their doubts aside
and commit to trying

Why not set yours aside and tell me what you want from your life right now? You'd be in good company. I'd love to know, and I think great things could come from that first step.

You don't have to be great to start,
but you have to start - to be great!

Shall we get started :firstname:?

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