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Sorry to write again so soon, but I forgot to say two things for the prize draw I announced in newsletter 56 (details repeated below).

1. The deadline for entries is the end of the weekend. I'll choose the winner on Monday morning around 9am.

2. You need to be able to answer all of the "did you know about..?" questions with "yes" - so if you don't know about a thing, click the title link to find out, then come back and click "yes". You need all YESs to qualify for the draw.

Sorry about that - I get dumber by the day!


Win a £60 free Coaching Session

There are quite a few free online surveys at my website, and you generally get a helpful report based on your answers. But one of them now offers a free phone or Skype coaching session. It's called Life Coaching and You and it doesn't send you a free report - it's mostly research, allowing me to understand potential clients better - that's why the prize is there.

So, if you're willing to spent a few minutes to complete it, you could win a free session worth £60. Find the survey here.

And I'll sweeten the deal event more, now. Just for readers of this newsletter, I'll give you £5 credit towards the purchase of any information product which I authored - just for submitting a completed survey form.

So you could have my Time Of Your Life book for £2.50 instead of £7.50, or you could have my Becoming a Life Coach book for £9.99 instead of £14.99, or my When Your Boss Lies book for £3.75 instead of £8.75 etc. The others are all here. When we receive your survey we'll tell you how to get your book at the special price.

Not bad for a few minutes armchair surveying.