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Next Friday, 5th, at 5pm, I'll pick three winners at random from my emails. we'll check you're a Facebook page LIKEr and let you know how to collect your free session. That's a really easy way to get £60 of coaching without paying a penny. What's to lose?

What you told me last time

In my last prize draw, I asked you to complete my You And Coaching online survey, which looks at the challenges you face and your approaches and attitudes to them.

You told me a lot. Life can be lived so many ways; there are so many challenges and mind sets. But even I was surprised to see how many of you list MONEY as your main concern. Well, I have a cunning plan for that. I mean - the prize draw is a great idea, but... see my very very special offer below.

The survey asked you why your biggest problem was still there. here's some of what you said:

I can solve it on my own. OK, but ask yourself this: if you've been living with the problem for more than 6 months, then what will change in the next 6 months to fix it that didn't change in the last 6 months? In all my coaching experience, trying harder or pulling yourself together is never a solution - you'll need something new which you don't currently have if you want lasting change.

Solving it is non-essential. Strategic things usually take a back seat, because people don't appreciate the difference between URGENT and IMPORTANT and URGENT always wins.

Answering the phone when it rings is urgent, but it may not be important - they can leave a message or call back later. Yet - not answering it is unthinkable for most of us. Hmmm. Losing weight may be important but it's seldom urgent. It becomes urgent when you have serious health issues. So fixing the big stuff always seems like a job for tomorrow. But how many tomorrows are behind you - days that you lived with the problem - and how many are in front? Tomorrow never comes.

I'm afraid of what I will see if I look into it. I understand. Fear is in all of us. But not all of us are ruled by it, This is a journey.This article will help you.

A number of you spoke about your comfort zone. Yep. Another very real factor, but then there's this:

And then there was a healthy dose of skepticism about whether or not coaching really works. No one is more skeptical about coaching than I was before I looked into it. I totally get it. And when money is short, the prospect of losing it for no benefit is even more bitter. That's why I've made sure that is not a possibility for you! People don't seem to hear me when I say this. Well, then here's a video.

A side note on skepticism One lady made a very honest comment which I'm happy to relate and to deal with. She said something like "If all your testimonials were true, then why do you keep advertising?". Fair question; here's my answer. Every single one of those 346 testimonials is completely genuine, and they come from people who like what I've done for them because I'm good at doing it.

But I coach my clients to independence - essentially I coach myself out of a job, and that's as it should be in my book. Each client has maybe 2, 3 or 4 sessions. Some go to 8. Some a little more, but most don't go beyond 4 because that's all it takes to put them on the tracks again with the tools they need to move forward on the their own. I am a good coach but I need to let people know about me and help them overcome their resistance - none of which is about how good a coach I am. But there is no contradiction here. I am a good coach who markets to find clients.

Warm Glows

I need one! And here are two that came in last week:

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to give you some good feedback. I've been meaning to do this for ages. Anyway about 3 years ago I contacted you about what I thought was a business problem and during the course of our conversations it emerged that the problem was [something else]. I won't pretend that it's been easy and I'm still 'getting there' but these days [things are far better] and I am slowly getting back to being me - something I can remember telling you I really wanted. So thank you! I recommend you to a lot of people as I've seen for myself that you can not only help people see the truth but give them the courage to act.

I wish I could have included the specifics, as they bring this to life, but I wanted to ensure this lady's privacy. I've reproduced this with her blessing, by the way, as I do all my testimonials.

Here's another - very different style - just as lovely.

Oh my God Chris, you have basically given me a brilliant formula. I had to read your email several times in order to understand what you were saying; for it to sink in; but now I get it, about how .... I've stumbled on GOLD!!!!!!

You can find many more here.

The Very Special Offer I Mentioned!

Your survey returns told me how money is a big concern for so many of you. So - until next Friday at 5pm, I'm offering you a huge discount. If you buy at least one session before 5pm next Friday UK time, you can have it - and up to four more - at the same discounted price which is ....


THERE IS NO CATCH. This is probably all the coaching you'd need to sort things out. You will save £31 on that session alone, but then you could save another £31 on any others you buy too. If you have a total of five (and there's no obligation to), you'd save £160! Your rights are not affected, the money-back guarantee still applies. There is no risk to you - only a great price. You can still enter the prize draw - and if you win - you'll get a refund. Wow.

Remember, you'll need to get your initial consultation done (the £10 fee is refundable against your full session), and you can book that here.

This offer is only available to newsletter subscribers, and is not transferable.

Changing Newsletters

I want to focus more tightly on giving you more of what you want; and selling you more of what you want. Since you're all different, you want different things. So I need a different approach. I always ask you for your thoughts; I get a lot of good newsletter scores but very few specific comments. You're always welcome to click REPLY and tell me.

Over the next week or so, I will contact you again to invite you to tell me what you want, so please look out for that.

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:firstname: - a final thought

Any time someone makes a big positive change in their lives, they do a very interesting thing:

They set their doubts aside
and commit to trying

Why not set yours aside and tell me what you want from your life right now? You'd be in good company. I'd love to know, and I think great things could come from that first step.

You don't have to be great to start,
but you have to start - to be great!

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