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This is another helping of the usual mix of news, freebies and offers from the coaching world.

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Missing my Old Newsletters?

If you've been a subscriber for a long time, then you will have reached the end of my newsletter database so they will have stopped. I don't know about you, but I forget things over time; and also, as my life experience changes, I can see new perspective on old things and get new insights from them. For example, I may read the same book again and discover that I like a character more, or else I see a new dynamic I'd missed before.

With that in mind, we can reset your newsletter subscription for you, so you can go around them again. If you'd like us to do that for you, just reply with RESET at the top of the email, and we'll take care of it for you.

Pin-Sharp Insights from a Stodgy World of Self Improvement

Honestly, I'm not a fan of a lot of the nonsense that passes for self improvement advice. I've been wading around out there in Facebook Land, looking at it, and adding my take where I think it'd be useful. You can find, I guess, fifty or so of these on my Facebook timeline here.

Price Increases - but, for you, they went down - if you're quick!

My coaching prices have been static for - oh, at least severn years. And this week they went up from £60 to £70. As a newsletter subscriber, you can still get the old price if you start our coaching relationship by paying for an initial consultation by the end of this weekend - Sunday 9th GMT. Furthermore, if you book a 4-pack following this call you will pay £200 - that's £50 each and a saving of £80. So this is a really good time to start your transformation.


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