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from Chris Wesley

Hi - here's an update for readers of the working Life newsletter.

New Article on Corporatese

Well, I suppose you could say I'm touching your base with this newsletter. And I hope that, in your working life, you're managing to proactively align with your corporate goals in a way that is congruent with continued positive emotional outcomes in the working environment. Yeah - I'm talking corporate cr*p. :o) I have just completed a new article about plain speaking (or rather its absence) in corporate settings. You can find it here.

Coaching At Work

If you would like to get ahead at work,corporate or business coaching can help you to it. My coaching at work means a weekly phone or Skype call from your office of conference room (or your car or a coffee bar, fsin some cases!). We explore your working world - what you like, and what you want to change. We set objectives of your choosing; you might want:

  • a promotion
  • to earn more
  • to be less miserable (or - perish the thought - to enjoy yourself!)
  • to get recognition for your contribution
  • to get on better with someone
  • to manage your time better
  • to manage your staff (or your boss) better
  • to develop new skills
  • to innovate new strategies

- or something else. We then look at how things are right now, and we develop strategies for moving you towards your goals.

In between our sessions, you put your strategy into practice, and we look at how things went next time. It's this last step that's particularly powerful. It's too easy to read a book, do some dabbling, and then decide that the ideas are simply un-workable in your unique situation. But in our coaching sessions we analyse exactly what went wrong and how we'll address it. We refine strategies to fit you and your goals precisely. Along the way, I'll give you new tools and techniques to make you more valuable and more successful at work.

It's worth considering if your employer might pay for your coaching, too. With that in mind, there's an article you could point them to here.

If you are a manager, I can help you too, with all aspects of managing staff, managing strategies and budgets.

To book an initial 20-minute phone consultation for just £1, go here.

To your success.

Chris Wesley

PS: Loads of great stuff on my website here!

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