Hi :firstname: Happy Friday! Thank you for the huge response to the 2014 Focus Areas announcement. I didn't realise that so many of you would tick so many boxes, and I need to make a correction. Getting traction on anything in your life is tough, and it's only possible when you bring FOCUS to it. That was the primary idea behind these Focus Areas, and the reason for their name. But of course, if you specify 15 focus areas - you're not focusing! You're spreading your attention very thinly between them, and you're likely to fail in all of them. Apologies - I should have made this clear. So, please return to the form, and select ONLY ONE to submit. You're not giving up on the others - because when you've fixed one area, you can work on another. But you are prioritising how you allocate your resources. Choose the area which, if fixed, would likely have the largest positive impact on your life. For example, you might decide that if you fixed your work/life balance, you'd be happier and more energetic, which might help your relationship and your social life. So that would be a triple whammy. Your analysis will be different, of course. Don't agonise too long - this isn't a science. Worse case - flip a coin! OK then. So, here's the form again: http://uklifecoaching.org/subscriberfocus.php Please go there, tick ONLY ONE and re-submit. Nothing worth doing is ever easy - so let's get going! Over to you. Chris