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Hi :firstname: How are you? I've been busy so it's been a while, but here's another collection of insights, practical help and stonking offers for you.

Are you living your life?

Sounds like a dumb question, but most of us don't live our lives consciously. We exist while it happens around us. Tiredness, beer, telly, work, head-down syndrome. It's easy to be negative, but life coaching is all about positivity. Not the the happy clappy kind of denial which will give you an ulcer - but the courageous kind which perfectly balances unswerving honesty about how things really are, without tipping over into pessimism and awfulization.

I don't know if you ever read my newsletters more than once, but if you like, you can review all of these announcements online.

Here are ten things I've been saying to you over recent times:

1. The magic happens just outside your comfort zone, so be a little bit brave.

2. If it didn't work, you haven't failed - you just discovered how not to do it. You fail when you stop trying.

3. Knowing how to do something is worthless unless you then DO IT. Doing stuff is all that matters.

4. Don't over-learn form your past - it makes you sad and timid. Accept that bad things happen, and try to get over them whole.

5. Pessimism crushes progress. You DON'T know it can't work - but if you believe it - then it won't.

6. Great Will Smith quote: "Many a mediocre life has been lived by being realistic". Love it.

7. Ring fence areas of your life - especially work - or they will pollute each other if they go wrong.

8. Focus on solutions not problems - turn "I hate this" into "How can I make this better?"

9. Raise your game by 1% now and then in ways that will stick - that's not too daunting to actually do - but it adds up over time.

10. Don't confuse what you know with what you know. Questions your certainties.

Work Problems?

Last time I talked about misery at work. A lot of you got in touch. Two people said they loved their jobs. Great. I've been helping those that didn't say that with some unique challenges - and loving it.

I spent about 17 years in "real work" and I know a lot about it. My last "real job" was as a European manager, so I've lived at all the levels up to that one. Work is a huge chunk of our lives, and when it's bad, it pollutes the other parts. The stakes are high though - we need the money to live - so we're reluctant to rock the boat. And anyway, most people hate conflict. The thing is, you can make radical changes without so much as raising your voice.


I can show you how - and so if you didn't read the last newsletter, I invite you to take a peek.

London Life Coaching - A Very Special Offer!

For the last couple of months, I've been offering face-to-face life coaching at London St Pancras station. It's a breath-taking venues, there are some nice coffee shops, and it works really well. You can read more about it here, but here's a real treat for you.

It's usually £120 but you can have it for £70 - a saving of £50! And it's £20 cheaper than a phone session!

Why would I do that?

Well, I love the work - the travel, the buzz, London folk and the challenges they face - and I want to do a lot more of it. So I'll give it this boost. It's a limited-time offer - only in August - so you don't have long to get in.

And here's a final, massive incentive for you - if you book and pay for a session before the end of August - I'll give you the £70 price on all your sessions.

All of these offers are conditional on me being able to book enough sessions in a day to make it worthwhile, but history suggests that won't be a problem.

The full price is still being offered on the regular page. It's a genuine offer, but your "gift horse". Don't stare too long.... All aboard!


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