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Last time I showed you the image over on the right to illustrate how personal growth is seldom comfortable. We like the familiar, the predictable, the non-threatening. We like to know what's what and who's who and specifically who we are. This stickiness is the basis of our sense of security, but it is also the glue which holds us where we are in life, and which prevents us from growing in wonderful ways.

I just had a dose of this in my own life.

I won't go into the details, but I found myself trapped in an intolerable situation, and the only solution I could see, carried with it a cost I really didn't want to pay.

Given a choice, I would never have gone into that situation. Given a choice, I would have reversed it or escaped it as soon as possible. But I wasn't given those choices, and so there I sat. You are where you are. The question is "now what?"

I think when the going gets tough we look at things differently. We recognise that frightening change has arrived and we become ready to let go of things we didn't know we were clinging to.

I've talked before about this, and it's a popular story that you can trap a monkey by putting some bananas in a cage. The monkey reaches in and grabs a banana but now the bars are too narrow to allow his clenched fist out. He's unwilling to let go of the banana and so he can't leave the cage behind. You can walk up and catch him. I don't know if you can really catch monkeys this way, but I like the analogy. He'ssacrificing his freedom because he's unwillingness to let go of a small meal.

What I let go of was a part of myself involving pride and dignity. I found I don't need to be - or to be seen to be - that person anymore. And in fact, I realised that that part of me has never served me well.

I still put my trousers on the same way. I'm still going bald. But I've changed in a real way and for the better.

If you are going through something tough - at work, at home, with money, with your health or your boss, or whatever - I want to offer you this comfort:

You are on a journey which will run its course. You can influence it (and all of life coaching is about that) but you are not in total control of it. But whatever happens (until your last day), you will be someone familiar to you with opportunities to learn, grow, laugh and love. Face the change that's coming with attention, an open mind, and trust that the pictures your fear is painting are just comic strip nonsense.

In Other News...

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... a final thought

Any time someone makes a big positive change in their lives, they do a very interesting thing:

They set their doubts aside
and commit to trying

Why not set yours aside and tell me what you want from your life right now? You'd be in good company. I'd love to know, and I think great things could come from that first step.

You don't have to be great to start,
but you have to start - to be great!

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