from Chris Wesley

Hi - this one is a radical opportunity for you - and me.

Want to swap your skills for coaching?

Very often, people tell me they'd love some coaching to lift them out of the mess they're in - but part of the mess they're in is financial - they can't afford coaching. My hardship scheme is limited to four places and is usually full.

So here's a radical, creative way round that for you. Instead of paying for your coaching with cash, you can pay with your skills and your time. Not a penny need change hands!

As well as helping you out of a bind, I get to lead a richer working life, working in new ways with clients, and my staff is supplemented temporarily with the wonderfully diverse skills available out there, and that'll help me move my business forward. Exciting.

Win/Win - or What??

Shopping without Money??
No money? No Problem!
You can have it anyway!

In my last announcement, I launched the new Insights Panel, and that's turned out to be a great move. The quality and diversity of feedback is impressive. Those folks give their time and opinions in exchange for coaching vouchers. This time, I'm extending the concept to include other skills.

So, what am I looking for?

  • Clerical & Secretarial Abilities
    If you have an internet-connected PC and you know broadly how to use it, then I have a variety of non-technical tasks you could do to earn coaching vouchers.
  • Graphic Design
    You may have creative abilities which can improve the visual appeal and effectiveness of my website and other media.
  • Marketing & Sales
    If you have expertise in these areas, I'd like to hear from you.
  • Video Making
    My videos are.. well, charitably, we'll call them "somewhat basic". If you can help me make them zing, then I'd love to hear from you.
  • Photography
    If you have a body of stock photos or you have a camera and would like to take commissions, you can add style and powerful communication to my website and other media.
  • Web-Technical
    Non-techies look away now... My website is based around PHP/MySQL/HTML and Flash. I always have more ideas than we can find time to execute here. If you can help, I'd love to hear from you.
    Maybe you can see a way that something else you can provide can benefit me. Apple pies by post, maybe :o) If you can, please feel free to propose it!

How Exactly Would This Work?

My rates remain the same - you can find them here: - but now you can pay in barter as well as money - or a combination of the two.

You approach me, (here: or by clicking REPLY to this email) offering your skills in exchange for coaching.

I will suggest projects which might fit your skills, and we'll negotiate a fee for your work.

You'll do the work, liaising with me,as required, by phone, email and so on.

When the work is done, I'll credit you with the fee, and you can spend it as you wish on my products and services. You can top up your credit with cash if you haven't quite got enough to buy what you want.

That's it. Easy. Another barrier bites th dust.

Enjoy Your Life. If I can help, let me know.


PS: Loads of great stuff on my website here!


FIFTEEN LIFE COACHES Stole my website content! Can you believe that? They just plain copied from my website, pasted into theirs, and signed it as their own work, presumably hoping to impress would-be clients. Neat. One even forgot to change the link - clicking BUY on his website took his visitors to my payment page.

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