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Hi - this email is about giving you what you want as fast as possible, using a fiendish cocktail I call Fast Track Mentoring.

Two Powerful Tools Combined:

  • Expertise from my years in coaching practice,
    packed into a Special Report
  • A phone Mentoring Session, to stitch that expertise into your specific situation

Mentoring versus Coaching

Coaching and mentoring are very different. Let me show you.

If someone is searching for personal happiness, you wouldn't tell them that they need to take up tennis, find a nice Jewish girl, and settle down in Dartmouth with three children. That's far too directive. Rather, you'd help them to understand who they are, and then you'd show them what that insight has to say about how they can be happy. Then you might help them to see their options and the fears which hold them back, and so on. That's coaching.

On the other hand, you wouldn't coach someone that way on how to change a flat tyre. Instead, you'd show them exactly how to do it. Then you might invite them to change a wheel of their own, and watch them do it - pointing out tweaks in technique here and there "Hold the spanner this way". That's mentoring.

Each approach has its place. Sometimes either will do, and sometimes both are necessary.

Fast Track Mentoring

Fast-Track Mentoring is a cocktail; it's mentoring mixed with additional written support, and it's applicable in situations like these:

  • Making a Tough Choice
  • De-cluttering Your Life
  • Career Change
  • Get Noticed, Get Promoted

    - and others to come (suggest one here)

Each of these situations arise often in my coaching practice, and for each, over time, I've found the best techniques, the common pitfalls, and how to overcome them. That makes them great candidates for fast track mentoring.

Special Report

Each Fast Track package includes a special report containing all of my years of experience, distilled down to 5,000 words or so. Here's a sample table of contents:

Making Difficult Choices

  • The problem - Analysis Paralysis & Anxiety
  • The Mental Detritus of Decision Making
    • Fear
      Surfacing the fears
      Shining a Light in the Beastie Cave
    • Guilt
      Shedding your burden
    • Ship Wreck Syndrome
      It may float, but it stinks!
    • Analysing Mystery
      And why you should stop doing it
  • The Role of Research
  • Practical Techniques for Evaluating Alternatives
  • Accepting Uncertainty
  • Strategies for Eating and Having your Cake
  • Making your Move
  • Staying Strong

But it doesn't stop with the special report, because reading is a funny thing.

When you move knowledge between brains via writing you lose a lot, and often, what you lose is the most important stuff. That's mostly because of the reader's beliefs, their skepticism, misunderstandings, and so on. That's why the special report on its own is valuable - but it isn't the full answer.

Mentoring Session

First, read the special report. Make notes about how thing apply to you - or how they don't. Jot down questions. Especially, write down what you plan not to do!

Now you're ready to book your mentoring. I'll help you apply the techniques from the special report in your own specific situation. We can explore your questions, doubts, fears and mental blind spots - whatever it takes to embed the lessons from the special report in your specific situation, in your specific brain. This is where the magic is!

Benefits of Fast Track Mentoring

That's what the Fast Track Mentoring package is:

  • An innovative accelerate learning package covering a particular goal, giving you the tools and knowledge it takes to put you where you want to be
  • The highly focused report distills years of experience into a single book of secrets
  • New knowledge is consolidated and tailored to fit your specific situation in the 30-minute mentoring session
  • Is is very fast, not requiring long-term coaching commitment or ongoing expense
  • Follow-on mentoring is available for those who choose
  • All reports and mentoring provided by me; with 17 years as a corporate manager, and 8 years as a professional coach. See what my clients think here
  • Excellent value at only £50

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Enjoy Your Life. If I can help, let me know.


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