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Becoming a life coach sounds great, doesn't it?

Most people like the idea of helping others, and doing it for a living would be wonderful. The prospect of being your own boss, working from home, and charging lots for your time seems even better. And you can qualify fast and easily. It sounds like a dream come true.

And the many life coach training organisations springing up will tell you it's every bit as easy and wonderful as you imagine - once you qualify with them.


Usually, being a life coach involves building a business. That's all about market research, marketing, building a website, contacts, engaging with potential clients, financial management, and a filthy amount of really hard work - NONE of which is coaching! It can be a very hard struggle.

For me, it's been a long hard road to get to this point, so I have a lot of experience in building a website, making it work, building a business, marketing and much more.

I've made my share of mistakes, had a few wake-up calls, and learned a lot. So I really know what it's like to be a coach, and my new book Becoming a Life Coach gives you that inside view from someone who knows. I'm not affiliated with any coach training organisation so I have no axe to grind.

Inside Becoming a Life Coach

This book does not train you to be a life coach, but provides two kinds of information. Firstly, it shows you the challenges which a real life coach lives through daily, so you can see if coaching is for you. Secondly, it shows you how I've learned to deal with those challenges. So this book is for those considering a coaching career - but many qualified and experienced coaches will also find it useful - especially if they're struggling to make that difficult transition from qualified through practicing to earning a living.

Specific content includes:

  • The reality and the terror of being self-employed - and how to survive it.
  • Are You Life Coach Material? Find out now, with my checklist of Essential Personal Attributes.
  • Coach Training - what to look for, and what to walk away from.
  • Starting from scratch - how to design a business strategy and then make it happen - even when the world doesn't want it to.
  • FINDING PAYING CLIENTS. There's a large chapter devoted to marketing theory and practice. What works and what really doesn't? Most people have a vested interest - I don't - I just tell you what I've learned from my experience and leave you to decide. Why climb the mountain I had to? I'm inviting you to the summit for tea and biccies!
  • Coaching as a job - what is coaching people for a living really like? My book contains lots of real-life anecdotes from my own coaching practice. They will show you what situations to expect. They'll also give you powerful, proven techniques for dealing with them. Even qualified and experienced coaches will find this valuable.
  • Dealing with the public brings up all kinds of issues. Learn how I manage my clients to avoid the disasters I've dealt with in the past.
  • Smelling the Roses - what my daily lifestyle is like? You'll learn what I cherish dearly, what I tolerate and what I'm changing.
  • PDF format for rapid download. Print - or read on your computer or E-Reader.
It's 19,500 words spanning 65 pages!
Let's get your business rocking!

Becoming a Life Coach
-The Dream, The Reality and
Some Really Great Ideas!

19,500 word Ebook in PDF Format
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I read a lot of transformational stuff, and I've got to say - I love the pragmatism. I love the metrics discussion. And I especially love the breakdown discussion of how to turn a person into a paying customer, which is a part of life where I'm pretty lost.
Chris, I have just taken advantage of your very generous offer on the Becoming a Life Coach e-book, thank you. I have only read maybe a third of its contents, but have already collected a lot of very useful information. Information which is 'real world' as opposed to some of the rubbish I have seen spouted elsewhere. I am currently planning my career change into coaching, and this book is making a difference in how those plans are being set up. To anyone considering becoming a coach, read this book first, I would suggest. It will give you some accurate signposting which will make things a lot easier when it comes to thinking about the action steps to take.
I am training to be a coach and you inspire me... I like dipping into [your book Becoming a Life Coach] every now and then, I always find something different of interest - even if it wasn't what I was looking for. Anyway enough of that, here's what I wanted to say about your book....

I'd already used your info on what to look for in a training organisation from the website (and chose [mine] btw before I noticed your link ...). But great guidance in the book for anyone that hadn't seen it.

The two most valuable sections for me were What Works And Does't and Working With Clients. I've saved loads of time by not doing pointless stuff on my website...

I have pro bono clients (not other trainees) and none of my sessions have been as described in training material or books that I've read other than yours! ...

In short I love the book, it's a big old dose of reality that should be recommended reading for all would be coaches.

[5/5 star review via Google Checkout] I had a query about the ordering process and Chris spoke with me over the phone regarding the matter, taking care of my concerns - promptly and professionally. Also - the book descriptions are true to form - I was not hit with getting something I wasn't expecting. Overall - 100% satisfied.
A. K.
[Google Checkout Review 5/5 stars] [no comment given]
[Google Checkout Review 5/5 stars] Great
Hi Chris, I read your book today and would like to share my thoughts with you. You are right in that other life coach books seem to miss the nitty gritty of actually setting up a business. ... Your book has helped me to be realistic about the situation of becoming a life coach. I have always thought in the back of my mind it might be tough process and you have shown me exactly where it will be tough and how to deal with this.

I started reading this book today and could not put it down. You write really well and clear and I enjoy your style of writing. The no bull approach is always the best. It has definitely given me food for thought. I liked how you also discuss the positives such as being your own boss etc.

You have obviously worked hard to get to where you are now.

All the best


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