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"Chris as far as I'm concerned you are doing a fantastic job! ... wise and give me such a super insight into things' that make me look at life in a different perspective!

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"This book provides short and insightful examples drawn from practice. Chris Wesley outlines the main principles and techniques of his approach, making clear illustrations of the challenges which arise when changing attitudes, and the positive outcomes of developmental change."










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When Your Boss Lies

Safe, Easy, Yet Game-Changing Techniques

"This book could save your job!"
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So, you found out that your boss lies - or he/she is very difficult to deal with. How do you handle that?

With this book you can
beat the boss &
turn your job around

Perhaps he or she is lying to you, or lying to others about you, or both. And if they're a known liar, who knows what other dishonesty they're up to? You are in a difficult situation. You need the job and the income and your boss has a lot to say about both, so you won't want to upset them.

So how can you steer this stressful and difficult situation to a good outcome?

I've seen many clients in this situation over the years. Whilst the path we choose depends on their specific circumstances, I see several very common scenarios.

Is this you?

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When Your Boss Lies
23,500 word E-Book in PDF format
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  • Your boss lies about your performance to his boss, but you have no access to them
  • Your boss lied about normal salary levels/limits in order to block your pay rise or promotion
  • Your boss is lying to conceal their own short-comings
  • When things go wrong, your boss lies to shift the blame
  • Your supervisor shares confidential information about you with your co-workers but denies it
  • Your boss lies to take credit for your work
  • Your whole company is dishonest, lying is routine, and your integrity is compromised
  • Your boss tells you good things in your performance review, but you don't progress
  • Your boss is manipulative. You hear "do whatever it takes", "don't watch the clock", "dedicated people would...", and the pressure and the expectations are stressful and unfair.
  • You work in a corporate, government, or any other working environment
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Why do People Lie?

People tell lies because lies are powerful. They are a fast, cheap shortcut to a goal.

Most of us lie or exaggerate in trivial ways - to make a story more interesting or to gain sympathy from a friend, and the consequences are generally harmless.

But when bosses lie, the stakes can be very high. Daily misery, low morale, stress, absenteeism, illness, redundancy and poverty can all result.

My Experience with Lying Bosses

I qualified with a double distinction in life coaching from Europe's largest training body in 2004. I've been coaching people to be more successful at work since then. My clients become better at what they do, they do more of what they like (and less of what they hate), they get promoted, earn more, and become happier, And in the course of that work, I hear some amazing things about life out there in the working world.

Before that, I lived and worked out there in corporate land. Seventeen years in large companies and five years lecturing in local college. So I'm not some academic who's never lived in the real world. I have long, practical experience as an employee and a very successful manager.

Then my coaching practice gave me a much broader understanding of what my many clients have faced at work. This combination of experiences allowed me to develop the insights and techniques which work, in this difficult area.

The Boss Lies Bible, for you, in a Nutshell

You don't have to hire me to benefit from these powerful techniques. I've put them into a book of secrets in downloadable PDF format. Now you can learn them and use them to get justice in your workplace. You may even come to love Monday mornings! It's 23,500 words of highly practical techniques for you to start using today.

This is a very practical, easy-reading book. It's full of anecdotes from my casebook and practical illustrations of the techniques in use. The techniques can be used to get you out of a lying boss situation and also to protect you from it happening in future.

Here is a summary of contents:

  • Cultural Manipulation looks at how poor ethical standards and a buyers market have led us to expect unfair treatment at work. It's so common we don't notice it. After reading this chapter you will notice it, and you'll know how to protect yourself against it.
  • Why Is Your Boss Lying? What do your boss's lies tell you about them? When you understand their drivers you can use those very drivers to leverage a better outcome for you.
  • Assertiveness How can you defend yourself against your boss's lies without attracting their anger? How can you stay calm in the stressful times without retreating? This chapter explains the techniques which get you heard, hold your boss to account, and keep you safe from their emotional outbursts or vengeful action.
  • Goal Alignment is the key to motivating your lying boss to clean up their act. I'll show you how.
  • Networking is your force multiplier. Mobilizing others in a variety of ways can change the power dynamics at work enormously in your favour, without being seen as a militant trouble-maker.
  • Making Change Happen is all about making you strong enough to use these tools effectively. We look at your fears, your self-image, your energy levels, and your attitude to "failure". The new ideas you'll find here can transform your outlook on - and your performance in - your life.
  • The Casebook is devoted entirely to real-world examples of the ugly messes we find ourselves in at work, and how to use these techniques to put things right.
  • This book is a great read and when you've read it you'll be ready to take control of your life at work enjoy what comes next.

What Now?

  • You came here because your boss is giving you a problem. Do you want to keep living with things the way they are? Do you have another plan? You can be relaxed and enjoying your at work again. This book is your solution.
  • Anyone can use these simple techniques, yet they are very effective. There's no need to argue, confront, or take risks. You can stay true to yourself yet get radical change.
  • I spent 17 years in the corporate world, and I've coached thousands of people over more than a decade. I know my stuff - and it's in this book.
  • You came here because your boss is giving you a problem. Do you want to keep living with things the way they are? Do you have another plan? You can be relaxed and enjoying your at work again. This book is your solution.
Let's Fix Your Boss Today!

When Your Boss Lies
- surviving & Thriving Against the Odds
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23,500 word E-Book in PDF format
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