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One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.

Endre Gide

Executive Coaching
Clarity, Perspective, Visibility, Growth - Realise Your Potential

Executive Coaching


Executive coaching is the application of life coaching techniques to those in executive positions in the corporate world. The topic being tackled is usually an aspect of their corporate existence. We use the coaching process but the focus and perspectives of the client and the coach are usually somewhat different. Executive coaching can dramatically improve the personal effectiveness of executives - in accomplishing their work goals, and in furthering their personal goals in the corporate environment.

My Kind of Executive Coaching

There are many reasons why I can help you in your executive aspirations.

Regarding coaching, I am a professionally trained life coach, qualifying with distinction from the UK's largest academy - the coaching academy. Complementing that expertise is my corporate background. I spent 17 years in blue-chip multi-nationals - mostly in management roles.

Executive Coach  - Chris Wesley
Chris Wesley
I've been fully versed in all of the management and personal effectiveness training you'd expect in the corporate world.

More importantly - I have extensive real-world experience in the practical application of this training. My projects are successful. I've managed large international teams, developed global strategies, managed large budgets, hired, fired, been highly innovative, developed global models of excellence. My last conventional corporate job was as European IT manager for an account of EDS.

So - chances are I've been somewhere very similar to where you are now. And whatever area you want to work on, chances are I've worked on that area too. I can bring all of this corporate expertise - along with my coaching skills - to bear in helping you to accomplish your goals.

My approach is highly cognitive. We don't rub crystals or burn incense. We won't be calling on the power of the universe to grant our wishes. We'll be analysing what we're getting, what we want, and how to turn the former into the latter.

Of course, pure cognition is not the whole route to human happiness. If it were, none of us would be overweight - we'd simply apply cognition to the problem - eat less and exercise more. NEXT! Of course, it isn't that simple. The human psyche is far more complex. So I also employ coaching techniques to help you to accurately see yourself and the world you inhabit. We all carry self-limiting beliefs, fears, personality twists and weaknesses which get in our way - keeping us where we are and away from our goals. To read more about the coaching process itself, see the slide presentation here or read my coaching thesis.

Then there's my personality. I'm very relaxed, creative and humorous. And irreverent - I don't believe in sacred cows, and I'll be encouraging you to slaughter them, too.

So I'm qualified with distinction as a life coach from the UK's best, I have extensive experience in the corporate world, and I have a creative, questioning and humorous personality. I bring all of these to bear for you in your chosen executive coaching topic. What kinds of things do I coach on? Read on.

Executive Coaching Topics

There is a wide range of coaching topics which my executive clients seek help on. Here are a few illustrations from my case files.

Supervising People

When you're a manager, you have to succeed through the efforts of others. They are your only asset. Unfortunately, they are often also your biggest problem. People management is a huge area of responsibility, and its seldom done well. The scope for things going wrong is very large. If you have large challenges in here, then I can help.

  • Is it quicker and easier to do things yourself?
    If so, then we can get huge benefits for you by looking at your delegation skills. We'll free up vast tracts of time, whilst improving team productivity and morale. You'll be happier and healthier.
  • Do you have a bad apple in the barrel? Undermining your efforts and making the place negative, defeatist and hostile? We can find the right way to dismantle this situation. With the bad apple gone, it'll be like working in a completely different company.
  • Are performance reviews an annual joke? If so, you are missing one of the biggest opportunities to run a clean happy ship there is. My consulting experience had taught me that there is a huge amount of skepticism about job specs, performance reviews etc. But I know how to make it work and why it's worth the effort. During my time with Texas Instruments, my review system was so well regarded, it was adopted as the divisional model and rolled out to more than a thousand employees.
  • Are you too busy to manage? If you are, then you are on a treadmill going nowhere fast. You have to find a way to get off it for long enough to slow it down or even stop it. Once you have that under control, the world will be a different place for you.

Work/Life Balance & Burnout

Executives are highly energetic, ambitious, capable people. Yet these same attributes can lead them to over-commit, over-work and lose perspective. Before long they are in constant fire-fighting mode, sacrificing personal life, relationships, healthy lifestyles and sleep just to keep their heads above water. High pressure corporate environments are not always supportive of those struggling under the weight. As your executive coach, I'm on your side, helping you to make time to sit back and look at the problem rationally. To re-connect with your overall life goals and your values. We can develop powerful strategies to claw back your life without sacrificing your career.

Strategic Thinking

Operational management on a daily basis is one thing. But setting up something new is entirely different. Strategic development is firstly about vision - you need to see the world the way it is, decide what's wrong with it, and then design a new and better way for it to be. Operating your strategy is about change management. It must comprehend all of the people issues, the logistics, and contingency planning. It must usually maintain daily operations whilst building new structures and procedures. Often resources are stretched thinner than ever at a time when everything is more critical than ever. High stress and high risk. I've been there - when I set up three new design centres in Sweden, whilst continuing to support the rest of Europe - all with just existing staff. There is a raft of things we can do to make sure you get the right strategy, and that you execute it properly.


Leadership is a magic key to a healthy, happy and highly productive work place. What's the difference between leadership and management? Are leaders made or born? They're made. I designed & presented a course for the coaching academy on coaching leaders. So I don't just coach leaders - I coach coaches who coach leaders. I can find out where you are in the leadership matrix, and give you powerful strategies to move you into a more impactful, inspiring leadership position.

Customer Service

I am a customer service zealot! (as evidenced by this not-for-profit I see up www.letsfixbritain.com). I have managed customer service organisations in the UK and in Europe. The U-turn I brought about in a failing UK service organisation was so spectacular that the company asked me to do the same thing in America and India. If you run a customer service organisation, then we both know that you have some major challenges in front of you! I can help in more ways than you can shake a stick at. Hiring decisions, resourcing levels, setting expectations, getting out of disaster mode, service level agreements, costing, contracts, organisational design, support systems, IT, process engineering, and a host of other areas are all available for us to work on, transforming what you have into what you want.

Process Engineering

One of the marks of a mature organisation, process engineering looks at what you do, and at how you do it, with a view to making changes to do things better, faster, more economically, more reliably, and even more enjoyably. Get it wrong, and it's a huge chunk of pointless administrative drudge which no-one buys into, and which leaves you in a worse place than you were before you started. Get it right, and your organisation will be transformed into a highly efficient one - doing wonders for your bottom line. I have extensive experience of making process engineering work in the real world, with the real people you already have. I know how to get buy-in, compliance and massive success, and with me on your team, you can do it in your organisation.


Whether it's a better product, a lower cost, a wall plaque or an international award you're after, I've probably done what you're trying to do, and I can help you to do it better, faster, and at less cost.

Career Progression

Maybe you're not moving fast enough up the ladder. Having climbed a considerable distance myself, I know what it's like from quite a few altitudes - looking up and down. I can help you to look at your role and your performance from a new perspective. That perspective will allow you to see how others see you, and to change what you do and how you do it - so that you appear to be a better prospect for promotion. It's not just what you do, it's how you're perceived, and the differences can be very subtle. Don't just work harder - work smarter, and watch your world change.

Executive Coaching Rates

Executive coaching is for people who are already successful in the corporate world, but who want to be far more successful - fast. It's also for people who are growing their own businesses. Your coaching can have a huge positive impact on your working life, your success and your remuneration. Executive coaching by phone - in 45-minute sessions - costs £80 or £75 when you buy a set of four up-front. If you want coaching to help you become more effective at work, and your are a business owner or you are responsible for the work of others, then this is the rate you will be paying.

Whatever your executive coaching needs, I can help you. Why not contact me to discuss your options?

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