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The ancestor of every action is a thought.


Life Coaching

Building Focus, Energy & Courage - to Make a Better Life for You

Career Tests and Life Coaching

Free career tests might be your first step in sorting out a better working life - and they are abundant on the web. Here are some good career tests. They will collect some of your personal attributes then suggest which careers might be a good match for you.


The problem is that a career test is a very blunt instrument. It can't interact with you or get to know you.

And it will simply list the careers it recommends, leaving you with the huge work of choosing the right one.

But crucially - finding that new career is the start - not the end of the process. The hard work is yet to come and your test cannot help you with that at all. You'll need to maintain positivity, focus and energy to make your move into your chosen new career. There will be setbacks and disappointments. In an already busy life, with perhaps less than perfect self-belief, will you make it through to the new career - or slump back into the old one?

There is a Far Better Way

In life, its perhaps surprising but true - that - whatever the problem, finding the right answer is only about 10% of the solution. The other 90% is to do with making that solution stick in the real world. That's where the real work is, and it's where most of us flounder.

If you're over-weight, then it doesn't take a genius to recommend that you cut down on caloric intake and exercise more. That's the 10%. But knowing the right answer doesn't get the solution embedded in your life. If it did, obesity would be banished and a global diet industry would vanish overnight.

So - let's say your career test tells you you're meant to be a doctor. You may even like the idea. A lot! But - will you start the long and frightening walk out of your current career - with all of its familiar securities - and into training? Will you sell your house if that's what it takes?

Probably not. That's why more than 60% of us stay in a job we hate for most of our working lives.

Specifically, what's stopping us?

1. We aspire to our dream career, yet deep-down feel we are not good enough. Such self-limiting beliefs will sabotage our efforts to guarantee that we fail time and time again.

2. We crave the goal, but we're scared of risk and insecurity. Without courage, we'll stay put in the misery trap.

3. We lack the drive to keep doing the things we need to do, to place us where we want to be. Without consistent effort in the face of an un-cooperative world, we will soon decide that "it wasn't meant to be" and slump back down into our old life of compromise.

This is why life coaching is so powerful for implementing career change - or, in fact - any life change.

The wonderful thing about your personal coach, which cannot be found in any test, or any other online or offline resource, is that he's human and interactive. He will be listening for what you're not saying as well as what you are. He is trained to spot those reasoning errors and embedded beliefs which hold you tight where you are in your life - trapped and unaware. Through careful questioning, he will shine a gentle light on these areas for you, allowing you to see where you've been holding yourself back within your rut. When you have seen these "tissue tethers" for what they are, you'll have a lightened load, and you'll be free to move in new directions with enthusiasm.

Career coaching works to place clients on the right career path and then moves them along that career path at best speed. It is a huge and growing niche area of life coaching, and one which I specialise in.

I spent 17 years on the corporate ladder before moving on. I know how it feels to make that "leap of faith" into a new career. I can help you to a better working life.

Of course, you can just sit tight and hope for the best, but why not contact me to arrange your complimentary coaching session today, and we can start the process of radical change that will put you on the path to greater happiness?


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