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Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.

Earl Wilson


Time Management

Powerful strategies
to get you off the treadmill
and back in control

Errr. Have you got time for this??

Does it feel like your day is an endless game of catch-up? Are you in fire-fighting or disaster recovery mode all of the time? Or perhaps you spend your days on endless trivia (from email to ironing), and never get to the important or enjoyable things which could make all the difference in your life. You're always stressed, tired and frustrated, and there's no end in sight.

If that sounds like you - at work or at home - then you're a victim of your life - not the architect of it - and you will really benefit from this course of effective time management.

The course is designed to give you powerful insights and tools which you can use immediately - to make changes today, tomorrow, next Monday and for the rest of your life. Those changes will liberate minutes, hours and even days, freeing you up to be more in control, more productive, more successful and much happier. And this works for home and work life equally well.

It's packed full of value. You'll read inspiring articles which will fundamentally change your understanding of your own time, and your perspective on how to control it. You'll complete exercises designed to show you what you would not otherwise have believed about how you spend your time. You'll learn how to develop clear new priorities, and how to map those into time allocations. And - absolutely critically - you'll learn some devious tactics to hack your way through the jungle of other people's agendas and your own sabotaging action - to reach the sweet green grass where you are in control and finally contributing your time in the service of your goals and your happiness.

Your Course Tutor

I really know a lot about this subject!

In my professional life, I rose to be European IT manager for two large multi-national corporations (Texas Instruments, and EDS). That entailed being successful at a lot of levels below that first. You don't get that far without learning how to survive and flourish in high stress, high workload environments, and as a manager of large teams, and a manager of managers, I also learned how to cultivate those skills in others.

Time is really just another word for life. Life is the period where time passes but you haven't died yet. In working life, time management skills maps directly into more success. In private life, those same skills map directly into greater fulfillment and happiness.

I can help you make things massively better.

Chris Wesley

Course Structure

Module 1 - The Paradigm Shift

This is fundamental. So many of us have a completely faulty view of the world and our role in it.

We know we are helpless victims. We refuse to accept the reality that we are actually all in control of every second of our lives. Time management is really about priority management. But we tend to operate to priorities we don't even know about, and we bow to pressures we see as irresistible.

This module may shock you. You will probably resist, but I will win you over! There is a powerful meditation exercise in here which will open your eyes like nothing else.

Module 2 - Goals & Congruence

Module 2 looks at what you want to make of the time you have. Use the exercise to work on one area of your life - like work, family, relationships, etc. - or use the same exercise to cover all areas.

Define S.M.A.R.T. goals for each area and learn how to measure how how well your wishes (as expressed in your goals) agree with your priorities (as expressed by how you spend your time).

Modules 1 and 2 together, will set you on the right strategic path to meeting your goals whilst spending your time efficiently.

Having loosened up your thinking, we will analyse your daily life with your new-found perspective. Guided exercises will help you to see the hidden mechanisms of control at work. We'll see what you do, why you do it, and what disasters would ensue if you didn't.


Module 3 - Personal Effectiveness

This module is all about what you alone can do about making better use of your time. I'll give you a wealth of techniques to make you more effective in less time.

How do you decide what do to next? If the phone rings - must you answer it? How do you dig out from under that sea of time wasters (people and things) waiting for you each day? Why do you keep finding yourself stuck doing the same kinds of things?

I'll answer all these questions and a host of others, providing a great toolkit of techniques you can use immediately to do more and better, for less.

Module 4 - Bigger Changes - Resistance is Futile

Many of the really big gains in time management come from making changes beyond yourself, and that's far harder. Because the world (and specifically, your boss, partner, children, friends etc.) - would quite like to keep you where you are - in harness, on the treadmill, and running hard.

Module 4 is all about making those big changes despite the upsets which change will inevitably cause. I will give you practical examples and techniques to support you when the going gets tough. And make no mistake - the going will get tough - if you are planning to make those powerful changes which will free up your time to live how you want to live.

Module 5 - Keeping it Going - Onward & Upward

My last module will bring things together, set things in the overall context of a highly effective and happy life strategy, and address the important issue of maintenance.

I will tell you how you can and should continue to hone your usage of time to deliver the most benefits for the smallest outlay.

I'll also explain how, having worked so hard to dig out from a life you don't want, you can stay on top of the crud - and not sink back underneath it.

I'll give you strategies to keep your life sharp, focused and vibrant with productive happiness. How to build in easy but highly effective systems to keep the weeds down, to side-step new burdens - while maintaining good grace and friendship.

Course Logistics

You can take the course at your own pace, but we ask that you complete it within two months. This gives enough focus to maintain momentum and it means we can manage our resources effectively.

You will need an email address we can send module to, and you'll need to be able to return exercises prepared on computer.

Courses are available in three variations to suit your preference and pocket.

This gets you access to the course material, one module at a time. You'll get the lowest price but you're on your own, so be careful to complete the exercises properly and motivate yourself to get the best from the course.
You'll get the course modules, but you'll also have access to a fully-qualified course tutor (usually the author). When you complete your exercise, you can send them in for review by your tutor. If you've missed a point or an opportunity, your tutor will email you and give you another attempt. Of course, you remain in control - if you want to move along anyway, that's fine, but this is a great way to get far more from the course without spending heavily.
With the coaching support option, after each module, you send in the work, then arrange a full phone coaching session with your tutor to examine the issues arising from the module. Use this time to present your "yes, but that won't work in my situation, because..." type arguments. This is really the only way to bring the magic of coaching into the mix.

What Now?

Well, if you got to this point, then I'd say you've invested your time quite wisely - providing you take the next step - otherwise, you've wasted it!

When you get right down to it, time is the most valuable resource any of us have - because without it we have nothing. So if you're finding that too much of your time is spent doing things you hate and you're miserable - or if you find that you have no time to make those changes in your life which will bring you happiness - then you have a time management issue to resolve. And I can really help.



Time Management

5 training modules to complete within 60 days

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Chris Wesley
BSc(Hnrs), LCA, JP


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