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The secret of getting things done is to act!

Dante Alighieri

Life Coaching

Building Focus, Energy & Courage - to Make a Better Life for You

Why Coaching Works when Reading Doesn't!


Here's a powerful lesson I learned whilst training to be a coach. It's re-enforced daily in my coaching practice.

With the best will in the world, articles like those you may read here, really struggle to help people, and it's the same with even the very best coaching books. The one missing ingredient is the essential ingredient - interaction with you - by a real coach. Without that, even if we're desperate to see a way through - we generally can't - even if it's staring us in the face. Of course, I would say that, huh? But it really is completely true, and it's bizarre - why is it true? I've done so much coaching now that I know precisely why it's true:

  • Our life experience teaches us that some things can't change. That lesson is wrong, but it seems incontrovertibly true. So pessimism and skepticism are rife but invisible traps which keep us exactly where we don't want to be. Coaches can undo that stuff.
  • The life we currently lead defines who we currently are. It reflects us. It is a product of our limitations. When you read a self-help article, you bring along those same limitations to your reading. To change our life, we must remove our limitations. That involves challenging questions and changes which we cannot usually originate from within ourselves.
  • We often lack the tools and thinking skills to complete a balanced analysis of any situation. As those familiar with NLP will know, the human mind, bent by emotion (especially fear) will distort, omit, and exaggerate our world to fit our self image. In a real sense we have seriously bad vision. This is crippling when it comes to sorting out tough problems. Coaches know how this works and can bring external insights to clarify your view of your world.
  • Society trains us in many ways that don't serve our happiness. We often develop unhelpful attitudes (for example, an "entitlement mentality" (the world owes us happiness), low stamina and fear of change. Coaches know about these and can compensate for you - keeping you focused, rational, positive and productive.
  • Like doctors, coaches aren't fundamentally better people - but they do have some exceptionally useful training, techniques and experience which they can bring to the service of your happiness. I've made this article as good as I can, but my sincere advice to you is to claim your free coaching session and see for yourself how magical coaching really is.

So my advice? Well, you may say I am somewhat biased, but I really do think that NOTHING works as well as personal coaching, and that works very well indeed.

With a £10 session for everyone, and a money-back guarantee on every full-fee session, you have very little to lose. Isn't the prospect of a FAR BETTER LIFE worth that tiny risk?

If you're ready to try coaching, just contact me.







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