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Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens

Carl Jung

Life Coaching..
Building Focus, Energy & Courage - to Make a Better Life for You

Career Change


Making a career change is a major step to take, but if you are considering one now, it's because - like more than 60% of all employees - you hate your job. So congratulations on facing up to this problem and having the courage to look for career change.

When you consider that you spend perhaps a third of your adult life at work, it's no surprise that your chosen career has a huge impact on your quality of life. If you hate your work, your overall quality of life will be badly damaged. If you love your career, you will be far more happy, fulfilled and contented.


How Can I Help You Make Your Career Change?

career change
So - how can you make the unthinkably huge transition into a wonderful new career? There are really four phases in making the transition:
  1. Deciding that you are actually ready to turn your back on your current career
  2. Finding the new career that is right for you
  3. Defining a strategy to move you safely from your old career to your new one
  4. Executing that strategy - and tackling the setbacks which inevitably arrive

This is big stuff, with lots of scope for failure along the way. Let's look at each phase in turn.

Deciding You Are Ready to Change Career

Many people talk about dumping the job. They fantasize about being a rock star, author, corporate magnate and so on. But this is usually fantasy; they are not really ready to do what it takes to move away from the familiar, safe world they know and hate, into the unknown.

As your life coach, I will work with you on analysing your current career. Finding a balanced view of what is good and what is bad. Looking at opportunities for small and large changes within your current career. Exploring your strengths and weaknesses. Asking powerful questions to find what you really think and who you really are. This will give you a far higher quality understanding of your situation and your prospects. You may decide to stay where you are, but to tweak things here and there. You may decide that it's the company you work for rather than your career which you hate. We may discover that you have exciting new options to consider within your current career. So we may find ways to make your life radically better within your existing career structure.

However, you we may also confirm that you really do want to leave your current career and move to the new one you identified. This first phase is absolutely critical, because without it you may jump ship then come horribly un-stuck. Having completed this phase you will have a solid, balanced, informed and accurate understanding of your current situation and your prospects for winning the new one. This will give you the confidence, enthusiasm and energy necessary to carry you through the subsequent phases.

Finding the New Career That Is Right For You

As your life coach, I can be a stable sounding board for your ideas. I am professionally trained to ask powerful questions which will allow you to discover important truths about you and your world. We'll "imagineer" you in your new career. We'll see what your daily working life would consist of. You may come to acknowledge that the realities of your fantasy career aren't really attractive to you, for example. You may identify a twist on your fantasy which is a far better fit for you. When we have completed this phase you'll have a well-informed, refined and accurate image of your new career. Because it's rational and believable, it will be a powerful motivator for you to proceed to the following phases of your transition.

Defining a Safe Career Change Strategy

Most people need a stable income to service mortgage and other financial commitments. They may also have a family and other dependents to consider. And then there is their own emotional stability to maintain. So - you might jump ship in a flurry of vitriol in the board meeting next Friday - or we may define a detailed strategy spanning several years, involving night school, residential courses, try-outs, internments, book reading, day trips, and so on. Your strategy may be cast iron safe or quite risky. But whatever strategy we define will suit your own needs and wishes. It will be base din the real world - believable, achievable and - hopefully - enjoyable.

Executing the Career Change Strategy

The execution phase is where theory meets practice. It's where untidy reality intervenes on our dreams and ambitions. It's usually by far the most lengthy and labour-intensive phase, and it's where most of the failures occur.

As you coach, I'll be here to support you through it. Our regular sessions will track progress and analyse setbacks. They will deliver friendship, wisdom, humour, positive energy, technical expertise and more to keep you focused, positive, energetic and on track. This support means that your chances of succeeding are far greater.

This focused supportive interactivity cannot be found in any career test, or any other online or offline resource or book. I will be listening for what you're not saying as well as what you are. I am trained to spot those reasoning errors and embedded beliefs which hold you tight where you are in your life - trapped and unaware.

Career coaching works to place clients on the right career path and then moves them along that career path at best speed. It is a huge and growing niche area of life coaching, and one which I specialise in.

I spent 17 years on the corporate ladder before moving on. I know how it feels to make that "leap of faith" into a new career. I can help you to a better working life.

Of course, you can just sit tight and hope for the best, but why not contact me to arrange your complimentary coaching session today, and we can start the process of radical change that will put you on the path to greater happiness?

Learn more about me here or contact me to discuss anything or to set up your first personal coaching session.



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