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Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.

Earl Wilson

Life Coaching

Building Focus, Energy & Courage - to Make a Better Life for You

How Would it Feel if You Knew Why You Were Here?


I love this quote, which is particularly relevant to this course:

I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific.

Lily Tomlin

Life Without a Purpose

Many of us lack direction in our lives. We don't have a strong feeling of what we should be doing with the time we have available. Annoyingly though - we often feel that - whatever it is - it isn't this!

We might consider a new career - but with the huge investment required, and the loss of the old one which pays the mortgage, and no sense of certainty that we'll be any happier there - we're reluctant to move. Like a donkey equidistant between two carrots - we don't move towards anything with conviction, and so we starve.

Toiling away to make someone else rich is not usually fun. Working for yourself to keep your head above water is not fun. Flitting from thing to thing half-heartedly, to see if it will make you happy is not fun either.

A Purpose Driven Life

What if you knew exactly, and with complete certainty, what you wanted to do with your whole life? No ifs, no buts - just the huge, comforting certainty that you knew where happiness, accomplishment, fulfillment of potential and ultimate satisfaction lay?

Well, firstly - that's a huge comfort! It represents the removal of all those angst-ridden doubts. You have a place in the world which will always be yours. You have a home.

And secondly, I'm guessing that you'd invest all that you have on your purpose. Your certainty about what you want - about who you are - gives you strength and determination to take you through the troubled waters between you and your goals.

And you'd enjoy that journey! No matter that the path wasn't always smooth, or that the journey took a long time (I guarantee - it will take all the time you live). Finally, you'd be happy on your journey - not just pining for your destination. Because this is what you want to do. This is what you're here for - and this will thrill and inspire you for all of your days.

How Would You Feel If
You Absolutely Knew Your Purpose?

Finding your Life Purpose

First the bad news: you can't Argos it! But anyone can find their life's true purpose if they invest a little time and energy.

You have to look back into your life and think about what you've done and how you felt and feel about that. And you have to look out into the world and touch your inner feelings about what you see. And you have to look inside your self and learn some things about what you see. Then you can look forward into your future and find the one that is meant to be yours.

I did this about 8 years ago. It's why I left corporate management after 17 years of being very good at it. Ever since then, I've known what I'm here for. I have a four-word phrase (first word is one letter - sounds like "sky"- personal pronoun ) - which tells me fundamentally who I am, and why I am on the planet. It's a secret! But I'm glad I know it. As I look at what I do, I know to what extent I am living on purpose. It is my guide and my compass, and as I look back - I realise that it has been there all along, but I didn't know it before. Now it's conscious I can be far more focused in what I choose to do and how.

Life Purpose versus Life Goals

Often people don't know the difference between their purpose and their goals, so let me explain that. Really, your purpose is your highest level goal - it's the goal which all other goals serve. It's the goal of your whole life. The other "goals" are smaller items which (hopefully) serve your purpose. So, for example, if you had a purpose to get warm, then goals serving that purpose might be put on gloves, wear a hat, light a fire, etc.

There is a useful analogy. Your purpose is like a compass for your life. It always points the way. You may have to go around some mountains, or even back-track now and then - but if you do - you'll know it - and you'll always know how to get back on track.

So if you want a nice car - that's a goal which is serving some deeper life goal. If you want a big house - same thing. If you want to be prime minister - again - probably a goal and not a life purpose.

Life Purpose Examples

So let's take a look at some life purposes. These are the things which will pop out of all that paperwork you'll be doing.

I am a Grateful Giver

Oooh! Not the kind of thing you were expecting, right? Strangely non-specific, and yet it does have direction. Can you see how this purpose can be used as a compass?

Someone with this purpose will be happiest in a life of giving to others. They may consider careers in nursing, teaching, therapist, and so on.

I Serve the Planet
Again, pretty general - yet with a clear direction. You're unlikely to be living on purpose in this case if you're a stock broker, for example. But you could be a forester or an MP in the Green Party. The owner of this purpose will know far more about what it means to them than we do here, of course.
I Show The Way
This person is a natural leader. They can live on purpose as company directors, national presidents, writers - influencers of any kind. They are likely to be confident and motivated by external accomplishment.
I Explore in Wonder

Wow! I love it - but what does that mean?? Well - for sure the purpose owner will know, but their purpose has been distilled to the very essence of what they are about. They may be mountaineers but they may also be research scientists. They may also find their wonder in exploring musical composition, or in raising children.

Are you surprised or even disappointed? Certainly, these are not fully-fleshed out lifestyles, with income brackets, post codes and children counts, are they? Your purpose is the core. The starting point. It is not a goal.

Using Your Life Purpose

The reason your purpose is so valuable is that it is the rock-solid foundation upon which you can build your life. As we saw earlier, lack of certainty keeps most of us from investing heavily in any particular direction. So when you have certainty - you can use it powerfully to thrust your life along its chosen path.

And of course, as the owner of your purpose - you'll know a great deal more about what's behind the four or so words in your purpose. The groundwork you did to get here will have been very enlightening indeed.

When you have your life purpose, you'll begin to see meaning and structure in the events of your life. You'll see why you did what you did; which choices were wise and which were less so. You can use your purpose as a yard stick to measure your current situation and any plans you may already have. And of course, you can use it to make new plans - and these plans will be backed with your new-found certainty. You will implement those plans powerfully - and you'll enjoy the process.

Is that something which interests you?

I have developed a program to help anyone find their true life's purpose, called:

"Living On Purpose"

Here's a bit more about it.

Your Course Tutor

Throughout my life I've wondered about what it all meant. My search for meaning and for personal fulfillment is what took me into and then out of a life in corporate management, and into life coaching.

I know how hard and depressing the whole topic can be. Right now you're probably thinking: I just DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT - so how can he tell me? Or Oh, it's too late - I'll just hunker down where I am. Or Real people don't live wonderful lives - it's a myth.

My coach training and coaching experience have taught me that all of these objections are wrong, and that usually - what keeps us where we are is irrational fear. I know that - because I've lived it - and because I help people daily who are finding the courage to tackle it head-on. I can help you make things massively better.

Chris Wesley

Course Structure

Module 1 - Goals, Purpose and Identity

This module defines some terms then sets off on a journey through your life.

Your life to date contains a wealth of information about you. This module guides you through a data collection process, helping you to dig out the significant messages from a long, complex an sometimes hazy life.

We'll use a guided exercise to re-connect you with your past. This will provide us with the raw material from which we can pan out the gold nuggets which we'll eventually cast into your purpose.

Module 2 - Analysis 1

Guided exercises will help you to sieve essential nuggets from the life material we collected in module 1.

Module 3 - Analysis 2

Guided exercises will help you to sieve essential nuggets from the life material we collected in module 2.

Module 4 - Putting it All Together

You'll write down your life purpose in this module. Taking the results of the analysis you did in module 3, you'll distill down and distill down until your simple, true purpose emerges in a single short sentence.


Module 5 - So What Now?

We'll look at your newly-discovered Life Purpose, and reflect on its significance throughout your life to date. We'll look forward to the impact you are going to allow it to have on your future. How that you have your compass - how do you want to travel?

Course Logistics

You can take the course at your own pace, but we ask that you complete it within two months. This gives enough focus to maintain momentum and it means we can manage our resources effectively.

If you find the course is not helpful, you can cancel between modules for a pro rata refund, based on the number of modules received, but you must do this within the same two month window.

You will need an email address we can send module to, and you'll need to be able to return exercises prepared on computer.

Courses are available in three variations to suit your preference and pocket.

This gets you access to the course material, one module at a time. You'll get the lowest price but you're on your own, so be careful to complete the exercises properly and motivate yourself to get the best from the course.
You'll get the course modules, but you'll also have access to a fully-qualified course tutor (usually the author). When you complete your exercise, you can send them in for review by your tutor. If you've missed a point or an opportunity, your tutor will email you and give you another attempt. Of course, you remain in control - if you want to move along anyway, that's fine, but this is a great way to get far more from the course without spending heavily.
With the coaching support option, after each module, you send in the work, then arrange a full phone coaching session with your tutor to examine the issues arising from the module. Use this time to present your "yes, but that won't work in my situation, because..." type arguments. This is really the only way to bring the magic of coaching into the mix.

What Now?

If you're ready to find out what you're here for; to find the confident of purpose which will form the foundations of the rest of your journey to fulfilling your potential, just sign up for the course, and we'll get started today.


Life Purpose Course

5 modules to complete by email within 60 days

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Chris Wesley

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